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a shed for storing tools


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There's so many tools we have now in the toolshed and it's just a matter of individual choice of how we use these tools," the Daily Express quoted the famous director as telling the Empire magazine.
Down the other side of the hill was a structure that appeared to be an old toolshed.
Now, George, sweep this toolshed out, and start moving the stuff out of the garage and into this building.
In the meantime, the groundhog--on second thought, it looks more like Newt Gingrich--continues his (or her) onslaught of our garden, lifting its head only to wonder why something keeps bouncing off the toolshed.
After snooping about in his owners' toolshed, Dylan scampered home in distress.
He spoke as a candidate who senses that Americans are weary of those fights, and left the wedges in the toolshed.
Apart from checking and watering the greenhouses and painting a section of the floor in the toolshed, just about the only gardening I have done is to put up and decorate our own Christmas tree.
To address the second set of criteria, we assembled a list of 54 high-use pesticides known to be neurotoxicants, reproductive toxicants, developmental toxicants, and/or endocrine disruptors (Green Media Toolshed 2006).
TOOLSHED AG INFORMATION NETWORK 2600 Wheat Dr, Red Lake Falls, MN 56750; 218/253-4311,800/242-6118, FAX: 218/253-4320 E-mail: mnwheat@gvtel.
Not so great, however, as the balm which descends on the soul of him who sees it and turns towards his toolshed to begin his day's work among those same allotments.
However, this beast with a giant headlight bigger than the eye of a monster squid is more likely to be found in the toolshed of Ozzy Osbourne than Judi Dench.
When Adam couldn't work any more and said, "You can kill me," the Kapo punched him, spat at him, and chased him into a toolshed.
It's ideal because there's lots of room, and we have a toolshed, greenhouse and aviary.
An essay by Marc Aronson discusses the Salem Witch Trials, and a short story by Gary Miller explores the feelings of a young boy in a fundamental Christian sect who found his mother's body hanging from the toolshed rafters.