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a shed for storing tools


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Daddy would stop, take one more cleansing breath, and walk back toward the toolshed.
It includes a small complex of white shipping containers converted into a lab and control room, equipment storage, several onsite generators, and a toolshed where team members can assemble and repair the telescope's components.
WHETHER you're just getting started or a seasoned gardener looking to replace some old gear, you don't have to break the bank to kit out your TOOLShed with everything you need.
It is the interpretive moment, and it is also the initial impulse for further growth that sends us to the toolshed to get the shovel.
Then, Chase was sped via motorboat to US mainland soil and disguised in "feminine clothes" while being snuck into the Buffalo ballpark's toolshed, where he finally suited up and triumphantly appeared on the field in mid-game.
Inside, the sunny, inviting spot bears little resem-blance to the run-down toolshed it was when Sweet and her husband, Tom Urban, bought the property from her parents 13 years ago.
He came back the next day and noticed the bookshelf against a toolshed, positioned in front of the only exterior electrical outlet they had installed.
Only three appendages break this stark harmony; a loading dock on the left front, the main door on the right front (giving the design balance), and a toolshed in back.
na Grecia; b) a invencao da imprensa, na segunda metade do seculo XV; c) a revolucao da midia de massa, que surgiu da conjuncao entre a producao industrial do papel e a invencao do telegrafo, abrindo caminho para a transmissao da informacao de forma rapida e em grandes distancias; d) a revolucao do entretenimento do final do seculo XIX, como consequencia da emergencia de novas tecnologias como as cameras e tecnicas de gravacao do som; e) o chamado Communication Toolshed Home do periodo pos 2a Guerra Mundial, que transformou a habitacao media norte-americana em um centro de entretenimento.
It is now a project of the Green Media Toolshed, which is an affiliation of local environmental groups across the United States.
There's so many tools we have now in the toolshed and it's just a matter of individual choice of how we use these tools," the Daily Express quoted the famous director as telling the Empire magazine.
Down the other side of the hill was a structure that appeared to be an old toolshed.
Now, George, sweep this toolshed out, and start moving the stuff out of the garage and into this building.
The outline of the mountains gradually appears on the horizon, and "the weed growth by the track-side, the leak-grey painting of a toolshed hut, the bleak, unforgettable, marvelous yellow of a station of the Southern Railway," the very same Southern Railway of the inaugural train ride, all pass by outside the window.
They watched as the sauna lifted and floated across the clearing, as their guest cabins bobbed away on the river ice, as Andy's toolshed pitched and jounced.