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a box or chest or cabinet for holding hand tools

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WLAN System Toolbox enables designers to focus on designing unique IP, instead of spending time creating reference models and generating test signals, said Ken Karnofsky, senior strategist for signal processing applications, MathWorks.
The new partnership enables Banker's Toolbox to make continued investments in its existing solutions, new product development initiatives and market expansion.
The Toolbox contains an impressive amount of hard to find documents stored in a simple to use and search format.
The toolbox includes reports and publications, information about funding programs, upcoming workshops and training sessions, models and tools and climate response materials that focus on mitigation and adaptive strategies.
The new toolbox is designed to help bankers analyze their current situation, set goals and the strategies to achieve them, and then document the plan to be fully prepared for the next exam.
The classical version is embellished with a Guided User Interface and has three main modules (CRONE Toolbox Official Website, 2011):
The NAG toolbox for MATLAB includes more than a dozen MATLAB-based examples of advanced programming for optimisation problems, simulations, time series analyses and other functions important to financial engineering.
The NAG Library, which is accessed via the NAG Toolbox for MATLAB, is a comprehensive collection of mathematical and statistical algorithms.
Like the English version, the Spanish toolbox is free and available by calling 877-TOOLS-4-U or visiting www.
The toolbox wheels for the general mechanics tool kits (GMTK) and multi-capable maintainers tool kit (MCMTK) have been breaking when the toolbox is rolled over rough ground.
In addition to the original case information community, a second community, the Security Assistance Officer (SAO) Toolbox Community, was specifically developed for daily SAO and combatant command (COCOM) use.
This also leads to an overflowing toolbox that cannot be shut or easily moved, which, in turn, eventually leads to the inability even to find the toolbox under the avalanche of junk thrown in the garage to avoid putting it where it belongs.
Addressing the needs of computational biologists and bioinformatists, The MathWorks have released the Bioinformatics Toolbox 2.
Technical computing software developer The MathWorks has announced the availability of the RF Blockset and the RF Toolbox, two new products expanding the functionality of its software platforms, MATLAB and Simulink.
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