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a box or chest or cabinet for holding hand tools

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Videos demonstrate how to cut tool foam and suggest ideas for organizing tools in a toolbox or tool chest.
Tool chest can easily be positioned in the top or bottom of the MCAT
The pair told at least four different stories before admitting the tool chest had been stolen from an open garage at a Lancaster home, officials said.
Whether being put to use on projects or resting comfortably in a tool chest, life is good when you're a tool in a Gladiator GarageWorks garage," said Lou Ann Schafer, senior marketing manager, Gladiator GarageWorks.
The new tool kit comes in a tool chest with wheels, a handle for easy transport, adjustable shelving, and a lifetime "no questions asked" warranty on the tool chest and a majority of the tools.
In the first incident, thieves broke into a Vauxhall Movano van in Forge Road and forced two heavy-duty padlocks from a wooden tool chest bolted to the floor of the van.
The Red Envelope Father's Day catalog has a retro tool chest made from oak that looks like something Granddad might have used on the farm.
Designed to stand alone or stack on the brand's Premier Modular GearDrawer, the Gladiator(R) Tool Chest has a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price of $479.
Not to be outdone by Craftsman, the cornerstone of every tool chest, OXO has released a whole line of hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters and tape measures.
The bottom of this rugged tool chest is provisioned for casters for easy mobility.
WINNETKA - An off-duty police officer was shot at but not injured early Tuesday after he followed a pickup that was dragging what turned out to be a stolen tool chest, officials said.
A handy addition to the kitchen, office, dorm room or tool chest, the ImmiX(TM) is ready to tackle most any daily maintenance chore or domestic emergency that involves nuts, bolts or screws.
The Craftworks(TM) Refrigerator Looks Like a Tool Chest and Provides Great Storage for Dad's Snacks and Beverages in his Garage or Workshop
When one of the big models, like the Wenger Tool Chest Plus or Victorinox's SwissChamp, is unearthed by a team of archeologists in some civilization yet to be born, one feels sorry for the guy tasked with figuring out the use of the cotton-ball remover.