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(ethnic slur) offensive term for a person of Irish descent

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AT one time comedians took the Mickey out of the blacks and the Irish.
And club-mates took the mickey with physio Sean Connelly marking out the shape of a prostrate body in medical tape.
The band - led by singer Alex Turner - relentlessly took the mickey out of Just Jack when they were both appearing on a French TV show.
He launched in with the inevitable jokes about cricket, which left a couple of Americans rather bemused but got the rest of the audience warmed up, and took the mickey out of his members in New Zealand with some very accurate sheep impressions.
Meanwhile, Sam Callahan took the mickey out of Nicky on Instagram when he posted a picture of him with a cardboard cut-out taken while he visited his X Factor mate's house.
A local league player in Hampshire has demanded action is taken against a referee who, he claims, took the mickey out of his red hair.
Onuora said: "Paul Scholes and Roy Keane took the mickey out of Tom because he made a blunder.