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Officials are aware of the kind of backlash endured by Barclays, accused of offering too-generous terms in return for billions of pounds worth of investment from Qatar's sovereign wealth fund during the 2008 financial crisis, a deal which has since come under scrutiny from UK authorities.
The leaders of the Green movement strongly support that program and have repeatedly criticized President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for making too-generous offers to the West.
Part of the problem is that providers are struggling to absorb losses from too-generous payouts in previous years.
But by the time he left office early last year, Roh's presidency was judged a failure by most South Koreans, primarily because of desultory economic growth and what many viewed as his too-generous, too-soft policy toward North Korea.
Like Mr Allen I see no reason at all why councillors should receive free refreshment, as well as their too-generous allowance, they also claim expenses; surely they can afford their own sandwiches?
It ,works, but if your window frame isn't flat on the bottom, there will be a too-generous air leak on two edges.