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having a bald spot either shaved or natural

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Ranchi (Jharkhand) [India], Feb 18 ( ANI ): A 65-year-old woman and her 35-year-old daughter were allegedly forced to eat human excreta and their heads were tonsured by their neighbours on the suspicion of practising "witchcraft".
Time to call their bluff -- ALLAHDI -- SANDEEP KADIAN -- MINHAZ MERCHANT Cleric had announced ` 10- lakh reward to anybody who tonsured Nigam's head & garlanded him with old shoes
The tonsured head certainly recalls what would have been the then well-known picture of Jane Suffield in her graduation gown, looking quite sexless, that was used in the posters during her successful bid to be elected to the school board in Birmingham that same year, 1900 (Burns).
Nor was Francis ever in any way outside or at odds with the institutional Church, for as Thompson points out, "When [Francis and his first companions] were tonsured, the brotherhood became clerics, as well as ecclesiastical persons" (p.
Other estimable imagery from this show includes the researched red outline of the figure in Painting with Balls, 1986-87, or the two jigsaw puzzle-shaped trees beside the tonsured head in Deep North, 1989.
This week, the strangely tonsured Dublin roarer saw the release of Killing Bono on DVD.
The ford you cross, the pass, prayer flags ripped and tonsured by the ambitious wind.
The bulk of hair sold in India isn't tonsured, he notes--it comes from garbage bins, the floors of barber shops, and the combs of long-haired women.
He was tonsured apriest at the personal request of Metropolitan Laurus in 2008, and wasassigned as Archimandrite to the Mount of Olives and Gethsemane in Januaryof 2009.
Following a night of drunken revelry, Wilkes and some pals drove to the abbey but were only able to catch a glimpse of the monks heading off to chapel dressed in their signature white robes and tonsured hair.
From the visitors' loft, gazing on the monks' tonsured pates at morning service, they may have.
Our author utilizes the distinction between starers = "career monk" and the generic inok, invariably used for those who chose to be tonsured just as death approached.
And while their hair might be devilishly tonsured, every other aspect of them is dashed decent.
The unsubmerged halves of the smooth stones at the water's edge--covered with patches of dark moss--looked like the tonsured heads of drowned monks.