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having a bald spot either shaved or natural

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The worst is that these tonsured impostors were bloodthirsty too.
After her parents died, she distributed her inheritance, liberated her slaves, and went to the monastery of St John the Martyr in Constantinople, where she was tonsured as a nun.
On October 4, 2006, Hindu extremists abducted, tonsured, and tortured a convert to Christianity.
And while their hair might be devilishly tonsured, every other aspect of them is dashed decent.
13) Exceedingly brief, the eighth-century Liber Historiae Francorum gives no clear indication of this tradition of amputation as a prelude to execution, though it does hint at such a practice: "King Sigibert died and Grimoald tonsured his [the king's] young son, named Dagobert, and sent him to Bishop Dido of Poitiers so that he might make a pilgrimage to Ireland and placed his own son on the throne.
must be a nun in habit, tonsured," thereby implying that the rubrics writer was aware that nonmonastic women had formerly been ordained as deaconesses, but this was no longer the practice.
The unsubmerged halves of the smooth stones at the water's edge--covered with patches of dark moss--looked like the tonsured heads of drowned monks.
Dowden rightly comments that `the word corona is not used for the tonsured or shaven part of the head, but for the fringe of hair contrasting with the shaven part'.
Therefore, when, as good lay humanists, the commentators of the first dizain of Delie find it sufficient to refer us to Petrarch and Plato, to the physical Dictionary of 1657, or even to the Hieroglyphica of Horapollo, it is clear that they may be forgetting that which, for the tonsured monk that Maurice Sceve was, remained the most essential reference.
In his poem about this subject, Machiavelli depicted occasion as a woman with a graspable forelock in the front but tonsured in the back (Pocock [1975] 168-69).
In the year after Bede completed his great historical work Ceolwulf was overthrown by rivals, forcibly tonsured and immured in Lindisfame monastery, but was then brought out again by his own supporters to continue his reign for another six years until he (apparently) voluntarily resigned the throne to his cousin Eadbert in order to enter the Lindisfarne community.
In the illuminated initial with which it begins, a tonsured and cowled monk toils over his book.
This tonsured nobility was not in itself perverse, or a "dangerous class," but rather its behavior took no account of the ecclesiastical status.
At least two of the Damned are tonsured monks, although Memlinc is more respectful to the clergy than Stephan Lochner, who consigns to his Underworld a bishop, a cardinal and a pope.