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surgical removal of the palatine tonsils

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7] In the 1980s, 80% of tonsillectomies were performed for infective indications i.
Silveira H et al11 performed sixty tonsillectomies in a prospective study carried out in children under the age of 14 years.
The objective of this retrospective study is to compare the results of general versus local anaesthesia in 981 tonsillectomies performed with respect to duration of surgery, blood loss and pain score.
Surgical techniques employed in tonsillectomies have been studied and found to contribute to the intensity of pain.
A local study showed no difference between the haemorrhage rate of daycare tonsillectomies and tonsillectomies done as inpatients.
In 1994/5 some 77,600 tonsillectomies were carried out in the UK but by 2009 this had dropped by 37% to 49,000, he said.
Enlarged tonsils are usually treated with antibiotics, but Koren says tonsillectomies are still performed in the case of sleep apnea, where the child stops breathing while asleep.
In the year 1920 alone, the hospital recorded 4,201 X-ray films, 4,317 "ordinary" tooth extractions, and 542 tonsillectomies.
The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (Nice) was asked by the chief medical officers for England,Scotland and Northern Ireland to review the types of tonsillectomies carried out by the NHS.
Many tonsillectomies in the UK were cancelled last autumn because of problems with new, disposable equipment.
And as tonsillectomies are the second most common surgical procedure performed on children in Europe, the company is hoping its system will prove profitable, as well as a less distressing form of treatment for patients.
Tonsillectomies may be virtually painless in the future.
Conventional devices used to perform tonsillectomies transmit electrical energy through the patient or tissue, which can damage surrounding tissue and cause excessive bleeding and intense post-operative pain.
Likewise, Yasar and Ozkul found no statistically significant difference in operative time between thermal welding and cold dissection tonsillectomies in adults.