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From behind ever more water bore down, and ever more millions of tons of ice added their weight to the congestion.
The last good-bye to the wife had been at Cardiff, twenty-eight months before, when he sailed for Valparaiso with coals--nine thousand tons and down to his marks.
An' when I come un tull Auckland short o' coal, after lettun' her druft sux days wuth the fires out tull save the coal, an' wuth only twenty tons in my bunkers, I was thunkun' o' the lossin' o' time an' the expense, an' tull save the owners I took her un an' out wi'out pilotage.
After loadun' ot Portland I hod tull take on suxty tons o' coal tull last me tull Comox.
You understand that we have nothing to do here with projectiles weighing at most but half a ton.
The consolidated oil turnover amounted to 44 billion 206 million tons per km, or 457 million tons per km above the planned target and 1 billion 286 million tons per km less than in 2013.
Local deliveries of clinker reached 54,000 tons in October, which were exclusively made by the Northern Region Cement Co.
Thousand Tons for Years 2009 through 2017 (includes
7% to 55,974 tons and life-related materials increased 1.
Clamp-size range: 280 to 380 tons (future models down to 60 tons)
The council's 10-1 vote is at odds with its decision last week to tentatively approve a five-year, $157 million contract to send all the city's residential trash - some 3,600 tons daily - to Sunshine Canyon in Granada Hills.
Five folding box rams with 106 to 159 tons of force Folding box is 13'-10 "x 6'-8".
paint manufacturers still used about 7 tons of the metal in 1991.
The return activates after one million tons of ore have been mined.
The output of ironstone exceeded 10 million tons in the following 8 provinces in 2005: Hebei (150 million tons), Liaoning (90.