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Synonyms for tonight

the present or immediately coming night

Related Words

during the night of the present day

References in classic literature ?
He is among friends, who will bring him here tonight.
And now thou must lie by quietly this day, and tonight, at ten o'clock, Phineas Fletcher will carry thee onward to the next stand,--thee and the rest of they company.
But I'm so glad we both came to the shore tonight and met each other.
Although countless answers leaped to his wife's tongue she made none but the cryptic: "Well, it's no use to discuss it any more tonight.
But then, when it came to a show-down she might not be so magnanimous as she had appeared tonight.
Should I ever learn that you have again annoyed her or her husband--should you ever annoy me again--should I hear that you have returned to France or to any French posession, I shall make it my sole business to hunt you down and complete the choking I commenced tonight.
Tonight in Chicago there are a hundred thousand children wearing out their strength and blasting their lives in the effort to earn their bread
I shall lock the door and secure the key the same as before, though I do not expect any trouble tonight.
The goods leave by the train at 9:30 tonight, and will be due at King's Cross at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon.
He is usually respectful to the attendant and at times servile, but tonight, the man tells me, he was quite haughty.
I was too excited to sleep, but this diary has quieted me, and I feel I shall get some sleep tonight.
He is an aide-de-camp of Kutuzov's and will be here tonight.
Are you really very pale tonight, Penelope," he asked, "or is it those red flowers which have drawn all the color from your cheeks?
Tell me," she asked him across the round table, "don't you think that I remind you a little tonight of the women of your country?
Tonight, they need to coax one planet into outsourcing their services to England or they'll be tasked with an even lousier assignment.