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BACCARAT IS BUILDING A LUXURY HOTEL AND RESIDENCE IN ONE OF the toniest areas of Manhattan, extending its reputation beyond crystal and anchoring its position as a luxury lifestyle brand.
Here's the good news, for buyers anyway: Manhattan apartment prices have decline in some of the toniest neighborhoods in one of the most expensive cities in America.
Consider the historian Hermann Giliomee, who in the '80s was denied a job at Stellenbosch, Afrikanerdom's toniest university and his alma mater, for being too liberal.
About 50 players held a joint rehearsal Monday with 25 members of the Scarsdale High School orchestra, which meant that young musicians from a war-torn country where music was banned for several years by the Taliban were playing alongside those from one of New York's toniest suburbs.
Their poise in a setting that would be intimidating to most--standing face-to-face with a member of the state legislature--would rank them among the most precocious students in New York's toniest prep schools.
Many readers no doubt suffered through the latest major system failure: the blackout this past June, catalyzed by a freak "derecho" storm, left a million Americans from Indiana through central Appalachia to the toniest suburbs of D.
This summer, Occupy Wall Street protesters may continue to take their message to some of the region's toniest neighborhoods--the Hamptons, Westchester County, and perhaps even wealthy enclaves in Forder's corner of North Jersey.
President Obama sends his children to Sidwell Friends, one of the toniest private schools in Washington, where students are hand-picked, diversity carefully managed, and rule-breakers ejected.
In this month's Q & A, The Real Deal talked to commercial brokers, analysts and building managers about the office district -- one of the toniest commercial submarkets in Manhattan.
Perched on a hill in one of Eugene's toniest neighborhoods is the one-time mansion known as Treetops.
Will this make contact center reps as rare as building doormen and elevator operators: which exist only in the toniest buildings, serving the higher-end clientele?
Not that they don't deserve to live in the best location in the world, but will the widows of poor Havaldars and Subedars be able to afford the cost of living in one of the toniest addresses in Mumbai?
Sunstone Hotel Investors, which gave up its ownership of the luxury W Hotel in San Diego last year, has shown an interest in taking over another of the city's toniest hotels, the 1,625-room Manchester Grand Hyatt.
Regardless, you won't be out of place in the toniest preserve environment with the Verona Model 662.