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Christie began his political career in the early 1990s after he finished law school and moved to neighboring Morris County, a suburban haven even tonier and leafier than Livingston.
Smoke was visible from the tonier districts of the city, and crowds of onlookers lined the streets pointing and watching the smoke rise from the green hills.
The gala--with stellar cameo appearances by Joyce DiDonato and company debutante Measha Brueggergosman, as well as by the theatre's co-tenant, the much tonier and trendier New York City Ballet--was a fun, happily streamlined affair.
And even the tonier salons have seen the recession eat into sales, Slosberg said.
Jennings, the rich widow of a man who had done very well in trade, invites Elinor and Marianne to her home on Berkeley Street near Portman Square (not to be confused with the tonier Berkeley Street off Berkeley Square), she is opening up for them a vast array of social experiences, especially in terms of the invitations they receive to visit the grand houses of their relations and their relatives' friends.
Salem's pride in her tight-knit community was shared by dozens of her neighbors who gathered Sunday for a rally and group photo as part of an ongoing effort to break away from Van Nuys and join the tonier Sherman Oaks district.
And at the tonier end, a home line from designer Norma Kamali is also set to bow at Wal-Mart.
39) After the success of the civil rights movement, those folks could and did move to the suburbs and other tonier locations.
Target's tonier image has fueled a class distinction that leads some shoppers to avoid Wal-Mart.
Emilion "satellites" and Lalande de Pomerol, for example, produce quality Merlot-based wines on par with those of their tonier neighbors, but without the high prices.
Tonier stores came to rely more on fully recessed equipment, which completely conceals the light source.
Some people suggested "filbert" refers to the tree and "hazelnut" to the product, while others said "filbert" was just a tonier way of referring to the nut.
She works at a neighborhood joint but has aspirations of improving her skills and getting a job in a tonier cocktail lounge.
Reporting a rumor that Mayor Carol Marinovich and her husband, a judge, did not reside, as required by law, in Wyandotte County where they hold office, but in tonier Johnson County nearby.
5) By 1908, halfway through the reign of the nickelodeon, "nearly a fourth of Manhattan's 123 movie theaters were located amid Lower East Side tenements, with another 13 squeezed among the Bowery's Yiddish theaters and music halls, and 7 more clustered in the somewhat tonier entertainment zone to the north at Union Square.