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In Healing Neen, Tonier Cain uses her life story to show the cycle of trauma and the path to healing through faith in Jesus.
A rich dish with a noble birthright (scholars disagree about which particular Count Stroganov the dish is named for), beef stroganoff was a staple at America's tonier restaurants during the '60s and '70s.
The work as a whole points to a dialogue between the Kitchen's somewhat tonier, more remote black-box space and the grittier East Village bastion P.
The Mall at Turtle Creek cast Jonesboro, long bypassed by retailers in favor of markets deemed tonier, in a new, affluent light.
Backed with millions from public and private sources, the investors seek to replace the area's modest tourist base with a tonier crowd who will flock to downtown condominiums flanked by boutique shops and restaurants (Ramirez, 2012).
coffee plant (later that of Martinson) on Greenwich Street in lower Manhattan is now home to Tribeca Grill, one of the city's tonier eateries.
Felitti's remarks, Tonier Cain, a trauma survivor, explained the role of effective treatment in transforming her life from a childhood filled with poverty, hunger, sexual abuse, and crime (resulting in an ACE score of nine) to her role today as a nurturing mother and a team leader at the National Center for Trauma Informed Care (Annapolis, Md.
One man who said he lived a few blocks west, in the tonier area where the Lower East Side meets SoHo, explained that "since I have all I need, and didn't have to work," he'd decided to walk around the neighborhood to see where he could make himself useful.
Laws against short-term rentals have also long existed in some of the tonier cities in Florida, such as Boca Raton and Del Ray Beach.
This district's more spatially homogeneous successor, in contrast, retains its Valley core but then swells to the north, east, and west instead of veering south into Los Angeles's tonier precincts.
Might she have been in residence at some tonier private school if I had been more diligent at playing the angles--chasing down scholarships, references, and financial aid?
Christie began his political career in the early 1990s after he finished law school and moved to neighboring Morris County, a suburban haven even tonier and leafier than Livingston.
Through Dunne's investigation, Kane explores claims of racism against Jewish immigrants, classism between the residents of the East End of London and those of the tonier West End, conflict between the governing and the governed, and the psychic toll of war weariness, fear, and anxiety.
Smoke was visible from the tonier districts of the city, and crowds of onlookers lined the streets pointing and watching the smoke rise from the green hills.
The gala--with stellar cameo appearances by Joyce DiDonato and company debutante Measha Brueggergosman, as well as by the theatre's co-tenant, the much tonier and trendier New York City Ballet--was a fun, happily streamlined affair.