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Although not the main objective, at the end of the last session, the subjects reported improvement in speech, strengthening of the musculature, more balanced mastication with wider mandibular movements, thus confirming the evaluation that detected normotensive face musculature, adequate tongue tonicity and mobility for CCD users, intelligible speech, balanced articulation and bilateral chewing.
Pauseile resets skin tonicity and radiance for a healthy glow targeting stressed, dry and dull skin.
Muscle Tonicity of Children with Spastic Cerebral Palsy: How Effective is Swedish Massage?
It appears to act as a lubricant, and because it has the same tonicity, or concentration, of the tissue it does not affect the flow of electrolytes or water.
During phase 2 (dwell), the tonicity of the solution pulls wastes and excess fluid from the capillary blood through the lining of the semi-permeable peritoneal membrane into the dialysate (Headley, 2014; Krediet, 2013; Saxena, 2014).
The thermodynamic properties of the warm water used during therapy help with muscle spasticity and muscle tonicity, [2] and the viscous resistance of the water is dependent on the velocity of the moving limb [14].
Responses in the voluntary intake of hay or silage by lactating cows to intraruminal infusions of sodium acetate or sodium propionate, the tonicity of rumen fluid or rumen distension.
3) Some medicines have acid in their compositions in order to preserve their chemical stability and control their tonicity.
The presentation shows how pretonic choices may convey a wide range of attitudes, tonicity is responsible for focus management and tonality controls the flow of information.
Further, the gynaecological examination of these two cows revealed the presence of a well developed follicle, partially regressed corpus luteum and tonicity of uterus.
The exact cause of postoperative pain after hemorrhoidectomy has not been defined yet, but increased tonicity of internal sphincter is widely believed to be the cause11.
The effect of water deprivation on the tonicity responsive enhancer binding protein (TonEBP) and TonEBP-regulated genes in the kidney of the Spinifex hopping mouse, Notomys alexis.
We notice hyper tonicity with decontraction in sudden movements, in forearm flexion and extension on the arm, which is the sign of gear.