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Synonyms for tongue-in-cheek

cleverly amusing in tone

in a bantering fashion


not seriously

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A girl who has just won the World isn't going to be upset over a tongue-in-cheek remark.
One intriguing element to the book is a pull-out, illustrated chart in full color, complex and somewhat tongue-in-cheek, about the actual navigation of the Badlands--including images of cliffs, caves, vultures and mountains.
Hamachek keeps his tale tongue-in-cheek so that he has no apparent axe to grind, but still gives credence to cutthroats.
The Haynes Practical Guide to Women's Health for Men takes a tongue-in-cheek look at 'women's matters' in a way men will understand - using motoring jargon to take them under the female bonnet.
Faced with a tongue-in-cheek threat by one delegate to launch a "BAS Society of Canada," General Synod accepted Rev.
This tongue-in-cheek guide is an entertaining and informative look at how dinosaurs lived.
Tongue-in-cheek comments of "Judas" and "back-stabber" have been directed my way because going down the PR route is like defecting to the 'dark side'
I feel the need to get to grips with the general public once again'', says the comic, typically tongue-in-cheek.
As a lifelong environmental and animal rights activist, I am compelled to point out that Bob Allan's letter of compassion for the starfish on your great tongue-in-cheek green travel cover (Advice & Dissent, November/December 2002) is misdirected.
government's approval for its project, but the dream of exploring space without working for the feds goes back long before that, from serious efforts to raise capital to quixotic projects like the Association of Autonomous Astronauts a tongue-in-cheek effort in the '90s to create "a worldwide network of community-based groups dedicated to building their own spaceships" by the year 2000.
Farrelly has developed a successful formula--continuity of characters, an interesting supporting cast and a tongue-in-cheek approach.
With Last Wedding, he has made his most complex work to date, one that mixes humour, pain and down-and-dirty sex with tongue-in-cheek lectures on Canadian literature, architecture and, believe it or not, a minimalist car chase, all of which serve to further his explorations of the ins and outs of coupledom.
If the London store is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the smart town house stuffed with treasures, the Milanese version is a jewel-like interior housed in the ground floor of a late eighteenth-century palazzo and paying obeisance to its crumbling magnificence.
A Tongue-in-Cheek Production of WalstonOne Communications, has been a consultant specializing in internet publishing since 1995.
I realize this was tongue-in-cheek, but you could have added poles, plywood, and lightning rods.