tongue worm

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wormlike arthropod having two pairs of hooks at the sides of the mouth

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In the Austrian case of ocular linguatulosis, the pupil was not constricted pharmacologically prior to worm extraction, and the larval tongue worm escaped to the posterior chamber where its removal from a recess in the ciliary body required lens removal and vitrectomy.
serrata tongue worms have been described: 2 from the southern United States (4-5), 1 from Portugal (6), 1 from Israel (7), and 1 from Ecuador (8).
The new species, which has been named Invavita piratica (meaning "ancient intruder" and "piracy"), belongs to a group of parasites known as tongue worms.
To the Editor: Pentastomids or tongue worms are a unique group of vermiform parasites, phylogenetically related to arthropods (1).
Athropods, tongue worms, leeches, and arthropod-borne diseases.