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east Asian fern having fronds shaped like tongues

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scolopendrium) is native to Europe and is common in many areas, while the American hart's tongue fern is tetraploid (Britton, 1953) and is quite rare in North America.
These include grasslands which have not been subject to artificial fertilisers and are home to meadow flowers and plants such as adder's tongue fern, which grows a single oval "leaf" every year, encasing a tongue-like spike.
Most prefer acid soil but Asplenium scolopendrium, the hart's tongue fern with its strap like fronds, actually prefers a moist, enriched limey soil.
For example, use the puckered leaves of Hart's tongue fern in combination with the smooth and marble-patterned leaves of cyclamen for an effect that you'll want to feel with your fingers
He also found three good specimens of harts tongue fern and watched a feeding party of long tailed tits.
If you want ferns for walls then ferns such as the common polypody, Polypodium vulgare is drought tolerant and grows on rocks and trees in the wild or there is the hart's tongue fern, Asplenium scolopendrium, which will grow happily in crevices in limestone rocks or a planting hole in a wall.
Suitable ferns for damp spots are hart's tongue fern, lady fern and shuttlecock fern.
The roll call included meadow fox-tail, sweet vernal grass, downy oat grass, wood horse-tail, red fescue, crested dog's-tail, wood anemone, bugle, floating sweet grass, sharp flowered rush, ragged robin, wood cranesbill, marsh marigold, globe flower, yellow rattle, adder's tongue fern, and moonwort.
Include evergreens like leathery-leaved hart's tongue fern and soft shield fern, which has finely divided fronds, to give a variety of leaf textures.
People come to see a grass sward dominated by meadow fox-tail, sweet vernal grass, crested dog's tail, ragged robin, wood cranesbill, marsh marigold, yellow rattle, adder's tongue fern and globeflower.
Select evergreen varieties such as hart's tongue fern (pictured), male fern and soft shield fern that will cope with dim light and dry soil.
Select the wavy-leaved hart's tongue fern and lacy-leaved Polystichum setiferum in the larger gaps between logs.
At the other extreme, you can grow the hart's tongue fern, Asplenium scolopendrium, in a dry shady border, rockery or wall crevice.
However strong British natives such as Betula nigra, the river birch, hart's tongue ferns and geraniums make for a lovely British feel.
Perhaps it was the damp morning air that smelled of the surrounding vegetation, or maybe it was the loose pile of stones I came across, covered in moss and heart's tongue ferns.