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employing variations in pitch to distinguish meanings of otherwise similar words


having tonality

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Scholars such as Jessie Ann Owens have begun to tackle English theoretical treatises in order to gain a better understanding of English modal and tonal terminology, as well as to chart the evolution of English concepts of pitch and to reevaluate modern critical terminology regarding mode ("Concepts of Pitch in English Music Theory, c.
Steven Kavitky, left, and Steve Hoffman sell a CD of tonal vibrations to promote healing.
Maybe those tonal swings were a little too bold, or perhaps the characters, for all their flaws and behavioral surprises, just didn't turn into people whose fates mattered to me.
At times it seems that Chafe tugs too hard at the tonal allegory strand in the whole interpretive fabric, and when he does so his case becomes less, not more, convincing.
A somewhat earlier group, simply "slow, same," 1996-99, comprised horizontal paintings-more or less double squares--primarily in oilstick on linen; with their matte surfaces and tracts of unpainted cloth, these works were compositionally highly active, with lots of tonal gradations.
One looks in vain among the "Post-1825 texts" (314-322) for Gary Tomlinson's Monteverdi and the End of the Renaissance and Eric Chafe's Monteverdi's Tonal Language.
s Music Industries Association, Faith's reputation for producing an amazing vocal accompaniment combined with incredible action and a superior tonal performance is well earned.
Now, a year-long study by independent research organisation CERES, shows that the innovative Acoustic CR Neuromodulation treatment is effective in reducing tonal tinnitus symptoms such as severity and loudness and annoyance by nearly 40%.
Synopsis: "Joseph Riepiel's Theory of Metric and Tonal Order: Phrase and Form" offers a clear and consistent English translation of Riepel's first two volumes, which contain a substantially complete presentation of the first and most influential comprehensive compositional and analytical theory that relates to the major homophonic instrumental forms of the eighteenth century, the symphony, concerto, and sonata.
Modern building mechanical systems often produce noise with perceptible tonal components due to rotating parts such as motors, fans, impellers, etc.
Theorists from the US, Australia, and Europe consider the methodological requirements for analyzing and assessing the structural roles of harmony and counterpoint in Renaissance and Baroque music; notation as an analytical tool in medieval, post-tonal, and non-Western music; and approaches to musical construction in tonal and post-tonal repertoires, particularly in terms of new and interdisciplinary methodologies.
Tonal colours shone also in Brahms' Double Concerto for Violin and Cello, despite some imprecise orchestral ensemble.
We must therefore acknowledge that tonal music has something like a syntax--a rule-guided process linking each episode to its neighbors, which we grasp in the act of hearing, and the absence of which leads to a sense of discomfort or incongruity.
A tonal scale image allows users an efficient way for checking ink characteristics at a 50 percent or other desired screen.
Rings's writing separates itself from its contemporaries in two ways: first, by cogently summarizing and glossing the formalism of David Lewin's landmark publication, Generalized Musical Intervals and Transformations (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1987; reprinted and revised, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007), hereafter GMIT; and second, by implementing Lewinian Generalized Interval Systems (GISes) and transformational models to create a fresh analytical perspective on tonal (i.