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Synonyms for tonal

employing variations in pitch to distinguish meanings of otherwise similar words


having tonality

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The Converse One Star x Golf Le Fleur sneaker collection is available in Airway Blue, Peach Pearl, Sulphur, and Fuchsia Glow, with an interchangeable set of tonal laces.
He aims to derive a tonal theory from rock music, rather than applying classical tonal theory to rock, focusing on four major aural qualities: function, schema, transformation, and ambiguity.
Joseph Riepiel's Theory of Metric and Tonal Order: Phrase and Form" is a solid work of truly exceptional scholarship by John Walter Hill and the twentieth volume in the Pendragon Press 'Harmonologica: Studies in Music Theory' series.
Results from these studies led to the development of a tonal noise correction factor to be added to the metric that had been used to quantify human perception to aircraft noise, Perceived Noise Level (PNL).
Boulez advirtio las evidentes limitaciones en la sensibilidad que implica esa lamentable opinion, limitaciones de gente acostumbrada a la musica tonal.
Para o grupo com sensibilidade auditiva normal o criterio de inclusao foi mostrar na audiometria tonal limiares auditivos em todas as frequencias avaliadas de ate 25dBNA.
Overall, theirs was a joyful view of the work with no schmaltzy rhythm-bending and their matching song-like tonal beauty faithfully revealing Brahms' genius.
Krumhansl (1979, Experiment 3) found that pitches from a tonal scale were remembered well when followed by a context of pitches drawn from the same key, while a context of atonal pitches led to poorer memory for the target pitch.
We must therefore acknowledge that tonal music has something like a syntax--a rule-guided process linking each episode to its neighbors, which we grasp in the act of hearing, and the absence of which leads to a sense of discomfort or incongruity.
A tonal scale image allows users an efficient way for checking ink characteristics at a 50 percent or other desired screen.
Rings's writing separates itself from its contemporaries in two ways: first, by cogently summarizing and glossing the formalism of David Lewin's landmark publication, Generalized Musical Intervals and Transformations (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1987; reprinted and revised, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007), hereafter GMIT; and second, by implementing Lewinian Generalized Interval Systems (GISes) and transformational models to create a fresh analytical perspective on tonal (i.
The current paper focuses on Livonian quantity and tonal system.
When people talk about "contrast" in a painting or photograph, they're usually referring to value--the artwork's tonal range of light, medium and dark tones.
They've all - as well numerous other top artists -- entrusted dance remixes of their hit singles to Alex Lasarenko, the Founder/Creative Director of original music house Tonal (www.