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There's some tomfoolery going on here that has to be investigated.
Anyway, all this tomfoolery is a great waste of time," continued the lady, glancing up and down the jury disparagingly.
The contestants make a brave attempt to play the famous letters and numbers games, including the notorious Conundrum, but there is lots of the usual cheeky banter, tomfoolery and saucy wordplay to distract them.
The Jerry Springer Podcast: Tales, Tunes and Tomfoolery, is an eclectic mix of stories, interviews, conversations and comedy bits.
YOU will have to pay 20s for this tomfoolery and wickedness," said the Stipendiary Magistrate at Cardiff Police court today to a man who used bad language to a telephone operator.
It may seem a bit of harmless tomfoolery to youngsters.
CLASS clown Bruno Tonioli assuming what the show needs most is some expressive mime tomfoolery.
Kids will be kids, of course, but there is a time and a place for normal tomfoolery but also for good behaviour.
The two brothers find themselves competing head-to-head in a school choir competition after some tomfoolery by Donald's loose cannon class room assistant, Mr Poppy.
BAD POINTS: The Stooges kept their films short and the tomfoolery wears thin when spread across a full length feature.
Mr Makin fluffing his lines with perfect tomfoolery in his most recent article overshadowing his straight man Little Ernie.
Appealing to both children and adults, this fantasy world is peppered with cuddly critters and tomfoolery underscored with a romance that tugs heartstrings without becoming cloying.
In between there is plenty of tomfoolery from two clowns whose antics should keep the attention of the children, even if it leaves the adults a little f lat.
No elaborate stage set, no fancy light show, no organised onstage tomfoolery - this was a straight ahead, no-nonsense performance straight from the heart.
No, while Ms Gillan has been restrained, all the tomfoolery has come from Jeremy Hunt, the Tory Culture Secretary and apparent piece of cockney rhyming slang.