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Synonyms for tomentose

covered with densely matted filaments

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densely covered with short matted woolly hairs

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Despite only being collected in Serra de Monfurado (Alentejano district), with penatilobate leafs and the abaxial surface laden with stellate and fasciculate trichomes, and both surfaces tomentose to velvety, its distribution range should be much wider, being cited by Costa & al.
Ovulate strobili one or two per apex, erect, cylindrical, beige-yellow tomentose when juvenile, at maturity turning beige-tomentose to glabrous green, 10-30 x 7-11.
acanthocladus is one of the most common plants at higher elevations in the Ru'us al-Jibal, where it is a spiny, tomentose dwarf shrub (Fig.
Fruiting bodies: Sessile to effused-reflexed overlapping brackets, gray to grayish-brown to light brown, 1-5 cm across; upper surface villose to tomentose with stiff hairs, zonate, hairless between the zones; some green areas due to a coating of algae.
Unique Characteristics: flower has a fragrance that some find offensive; large leathery leaf is extremely tomentose beneath; typically is available from a spring flowering landscape plant.
Most of the trees show a wide range of adaptations to both moderate fires and water stress, such as tomentose (woolly) leaves and terminal shoots, and thick, rough bark; the tap roots and lateral roots are also protected in this way.
As plasticene, Fruit body yellow toward a white sterile tomentose margin; colors vary flesh, olive-yellow, brownish-yellow, chestnut; blood-red when wounded, 1992, might speak of process, in-exactness, temporality, the model not the thing; as neoprene, permanent, it is the thing, and looks back on all that preceded it.
Vitex negundo, which was commonly known as the five-leaved chaste tree, was a large aromatic shrub with quadrangular, densely whitish, tomentose branchlets.
PILEUS 6-7 cm wide depressed to infundibuliform to irregularly shaped at maturity surface dry rough tomentose patches present on pileus surface dull red to brownish red margins uplifted to slightly recurved of same color as pileus not entire but cracked.
occurring singly or in groups of 2-3, reddish-golden to brownish-yellow tomentose, cylindrical to elongate conical-cylindrical, with round-acuminate apex of sterile sporophylls; peduncle 4-10 cm long, 0.
niitkib from Mexico, which shares the following characters: vertex, preoccipital border, and anterior margin of mesoscutum with erect hairs; disc of mesoscutum densely covered by short, fine hairs giving a tomentose appearance; and mesotibial spur reduced.