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Synonyms for tomboyishness

masculinity in women (especially in girls and young women)


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She spat and, reaching in her jersey, adjusted her sports bra coquettishly, and I think it was that combination of tomboyishness and femininity that immediately hooked me.
I'd inherited my father's love-of-sports gene and had come into both my tomboyishness and love of basketball around the age of 7, the spring of the 1970 NBA finals.
Whereas a girl's tomboyishness can be discerned from the clothes she wears, shorts and tennis shoes, the princess not only covers her body with "feminine" markers but puts on several layers of shifts, as if one shift were not enough to illustrate her lack of "appearance.
He enjoyed seeing Nelly in trouser roles, her tomboyishness fitting the bill perfectly for certain kinds of gender-switch drama.
Fine examines and stretches this idea, analyzing Scout's tomboyishness not merely as lesbian but more accurately, I believe, as an attempt to find her place in a world in which she doesn't easily fit.