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a girl who behaves in a boyish manner

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Victoria told the Ellen DeGeneres Show that the three-year-old is a little tomboy who loves football, just like Sporty 'auntie' Mel C
ELSESSER: I've been a tomboy my whole life, [especially] when I was younger and I couldn't figure out the balance.
Gisele, who debuted as the face of Stuart Weitzman brand in the Fall 2014 advertising campaign, was chosen because of her international fashion icon status and her unique ability to personify the multi-facets of the Stuart Weitzman woman, from fashion-forward trendsetter to sophisticated tomboy to multi-tasking mom to the quintessential girl-next-door.
Tomboy is not only about being teased and bullied at school, though; it's also about the friendships Liz formed, both among kids her own age (some were well-behaved, others were rebellious) and among adults.
Fure now has six releases on her own label, Tomboy Girl Records.
Twisted Tomboy is owned and operated by Eric and Daphne Slife.
My Little Bossings, Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy Pagpag The filmfest's top earners were and .
She expressed support for It's Showtime's That's My Tomboy pageant aired over ABS-CBN at noontime.
Project Runway finalist Alicia Hardesty is working on her own tomboy fashion line, and Portlanders Julia Parsley and Emma McIlroy have seen success with Wildfang, their online boutique of curated tomboy clothing (which is aided by a star-studded lesbian fashion video that features The L Word's Katherine Moennig, Gossip drummer Billie Hannah, and Olympian Megan Rapinoe).
We always describe her as a gorgeous tomboy, someone who is much happier dressed up in her Air Cadets uniform rather than dressed in glamorous clothes.
Middleton, who was the centre of attention at her sister Kate's royal wedding when she wore a stunning fitted, ivory maid-of-honor gown, admitted in a new column of Vanity Fair that she was a complete tomboy before, ABC News reported.
Wildfang, founded by Portlanders and Nike breakaways Emma McIlroy and Julia Parsley, seeks to corner the market on tomboy style by tapping into what they say is an unmet consumer demand for tomboy-inspired fashions.
It's no wonder perhaps that the movement has become associated with homosexuality -- although it is by no means certain that homosexuality is part of the tomboy or emo styles.
Tomboy follows Vivian and her circle of gender-bending friends, dedicated followers of fashion, pop culture, and "the more or less deconstructionist works of younger, primarily American feminists," through their everyday life pursuits: writing master's theses and dissertations, biking along the Neckar river, clubbing in Mannheim, and making a pilgrimage to Munich to see a lecture by the feminist philosopher Judith Butler.
Sciamma states that Tomboy shifts the question away from "why does she do that?