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The tomatoes come out beautifully bronzed on the outside, with a concentrated, tomatoey flavor oozing from their softened innards.
The jars we had encountered, at that point, were too tomatoey, too chemically heated, too pureed.
It's a delicious tomatoey, grassy oil that is meant for drizzling on cooked foods.
Jezebel's kitchen produces reasonably good soups, one being a welcome cup of du jour, chilled gazpacho on a hot day, another a flavorful, tomatoey vegetable soup.
the TOMATOES and reached out to me his tomatoey hand!
It was that meek and mild tomatoey bottled stuff used for chip dunking.
Perhaps the best option is to make your own Mexican-style salsa cruda (raw sauce)--a combination of chopped tomatoes, chilies, onions, lemon or lime juice, and spices--to satisfy your craving for a tomatoey topping.
Premier Foods releases beans with thicker, more tomatoey sauce
Then a "Phnom Penh stirfry" of beef in oyster sauce turned out to be a disgustingly sweet but somehow under-seasoned concoction of stewed-tasting meat in a bizarre tomatoey lotion.
4/5 Minestrone Soup Hearty soup with a tomatoey tang and plenty of pasta to make it filling.
It was nice for the children to be able to order baby burritos, stuffed with tomatoey chicken and rice rather than the usual sausage and chips on kids menus.
Alex's tikka masala variety and tomatoey cheese slices lasted longer before being pulled.
4/5 Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce (420g), 42p Looked and tasted nice and tomatoey.