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a booth at a tollgate where the toll collector collects tolls

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West Midlands Police said: "Officers on routine patrol were driving along Tollhouse Way, Smethwick, at around 3.
r There were physical attacks on toll collectors, and during an attack on the Hendy tollgate and tollhouse on September 9, 1843, Sarah Williams, the 75-year-old r tollhouse keeper, r was shot dead.
Also within the grounds are the Tollhouse annexe, with sitting room/bedroom, bathroom and services for micro kitchen, and the laundry annexe, which are situated close proximity to the main house.
The secrets of how and why it was built are revealed in the original Tollhouse on the south side.
The Old Petersburg Tollhouse, built from native-cut stone, still stands along the roadside.
an on-the-house hot Tollhouse, the restaurant served free come-back
My maternal grandparents grew up on farms and lived the simple life in Arkansas, but my morn moved away and married a city boy (my wonderful dad), and although she sewed our clothes, made homemade bread and even yogurt from scratch in the 1970s, about the only thing I took away from all of that was how to make Tollhouse cookies
When I entered my original search, Bing came back with a recommendation that suggested I reenter the search with Tollhouse, not Toll House.
The Bishops are grateful for everyone's gift of their own memories of Idathe recurring mention of Ida's legendary tollhouse cookies has brought them many smiles.
The environmentally friendly home has been constructed using discarded materials from an old chapel, a disused police station and a tollhouse.
Building on the success of the Tollhouse Cookies brand, Nestle Bakery has been proven to have even more appeal to consumers .
The rules for the challenge differed slightly from those of the television version: each team had three hours to finish, rather than one hour, and there were four secret ingredients--the brown bag contained beef tenderloin, gulf prawns, Alaskan king salmon, and a bag of Nestles Tollhouse chocolate chips (provided by the major sponsor, Nestles).
Public comments on the plan should be sent to Ruben Medina, DTSC project manager, 1515 Tollhouse Road, Clovis, CA 93611 or e-mailed to RMedina(at)dtsc.
dearest father xmas: will you bring me another 17 years you gave me my first tin star and my first tin wreath warm socks tangerines and a sloppy midnight kiss I left you tollhouse cookies.
Fastest-growing drug store RANK CATEGORY 1 Prilosec OTC antacid tablets 2 Garnier Fructis Style hairstyling/setting gel/mousse 3 Snickers Marathon nutritional/intrinsic health value bars 4 Nestle tollhouse chocolate candy bars <3.