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a long-distance telephone call at charges above a local rate

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3 billion (about one-third) of this country's annual $12 billion local toll call market, there is an especially heated battle going on between the long distance carriers and Baby Bells.
An 800-number company also bailed out of the project, Hoffman alleged, forcing the production company to change its order number to a toll call for people outside the 818 area code.
Askeland held senior level positions of vice president at American Telemanagement Solutions and president of Toll Call Inc.
Enterprises implementing real-time applications on their networks, such as voice over IP, are quickly seeing direct savings in lower toll call charges and an increase in employee productivity - thus giving them a competitive edge.
Indicators of employee involvement include origin and destination of toll calls, time of computer access, password changes, and creation of new mailboxes.
Verizon enables small business owners to make unlimited regional toll calls for USD9 to USD12 per month, or USD5 to USD8 per month with a one year commitment.
State regulators ordered Pacific Bell on Thursday to slash its rates for products like toll calls and custom calling services by $305 million annually, a reduction that could save customers up to $35 monthly.
VoIP only shows a clear, consistent, and undeniable advantage for users with very large numbers of toll calls -- for example, with high numbers of National or International calls.
Consumer VoIP services can offer very low-cost calls, especially for international and other toll calls, but this new research note finds that complex plans and wide price variations could result in consumers paying more for their service using VoIP.