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enameled or lacquered metalware (usually gilded and elaborately painted)

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Mwambui's elder sister, Josephine Hongo, told journalists her brother bought the 50 X 100 piece of land with an unfinished house on it from Tole in 2014.
Le premier train de fret reliant le Guangxi a l'Europe, transportant des produits electriques et des plaques de tole, a quitte mercredi la ville de Qinzhou, dans le Guangxi, pour Malaszewicze en Pologne.
The fire was caused due to the heater, which Jaiswal had kept switched on while sleeping inside the hut near a leather factory in Mizar Tole, on Sunday night.
Fran Tole, 47, says he has been forced to turn detective himself after police told him they were too busy and didn't have the resources to look into the crime.
In his new tole, Salto oversees a brigade of over 250 chefs and 70 stewards.
He said the 8th route would be from Dunyapur by-pass to Mumtazabad via Jinnah Garden, Head Naubahar and Peoples Colony metro station, the ninth route from Railway Station to Chungi No-9 via Aziz Hotel, Boman G Chowk, SP Chowk High Court, Pull Mouj Darya and katchery, the 10th route from Fizan Chowk to Fish Market via Nawabpur Road, Chungi No 5, Deevan Bagh, Chungi No 8, Kotla Tole khan, Ghanta Ghar, Water Works Road, Qasim Fort metro station the 11th route would be from BCG metro bus station to Railway Station
The 33-year-old from Hemlington tole how the tribute came about.
D'aucuns avancent l'argument que l'autocollant endommagerait la tole du vehicule.
The raiders tole a quantity of cash before escaping.
The figurine in question depicted the divine couple on the Kailash Parbat and had reportedly been taken from its 900-year resting place in Nasamna Tole Bhaktapur in 1984.
Previously, vice president (VP), associate general counsel and corporate secretary, Benson was named senior vice president (SVP), associate general counsel and corporate secretary and continues as a member of the company's senior leadership team; Lambert has become SVP, associate general counsel and continues as a member of the senior leadership team and earlier was VP and associate general counsel; and Kayden becomes senior investment officer from his earlier tole as investment officer and continues as a member of the senior leadership team as well.
Fourth place were Refining (126 points) comprising Graham Tole, Abdul Elah Fakhroo, David Hurlock and Nathan Wright.
while directing visi othe "a b beh una a b l we tole Came" Attendants were employed at St John's in November to ensure patients' car parks are not used by visitors.
The inaugural match involving Oman Oil Lubricatns, lead by Ibrahim Ssif, and Rising Star A, lead by Abdul Naser Tole, was a thrilling affair as it ended in a tie with both the teams scoring 44 runs each.