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vasodilator that is used to treat spasms of peripheral blood vessels (as in acrocyanosis)

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While the effect of MCPF on the ileum was completely blocked by tolazoline and propranolol, that of ACAF was blocked by tolazoline alone, (Table 1 and 5).
There is an indication that the constituents extracted by water in Cassia acutifolia (ACAF) and that extracted by methanol in Cassia podocarpa (MCPF) are similar, since both extracts produced relaxations of the colon and were blocked by tolazoline and propranolol.
Moose were tranquilized with a mixture of carfentanil citrate and xylazine hydrochloride and were antagonized with a mixture of naltrexone hydrochloride and tolazoline hydrochloride given intravenously.
Other less specific reversal agents, such as yohimbine and tolazoline, can be used to antagonize xylazine, the least potent of the alpha-2 agonists.