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vasodilator that is used to treat spasms of peripheral blood vessels (as in acrocyanosis)

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Quantitative determination of tolazoline in human serum by high performance liquid chromatography.
Following processing, the effects of the xylazine were reversed using 3 ml of the antagonist Tolazoline HC1 (100 mg/ml; Lloyd Laboratories, Shenandoah, IA), administered half intramuscularly and half intravenously, 80 min after injection of the immobilizing agent.
Efficacy and safety of tolazoline for treatment of severe hypoxemia in extremely preterm infants.
Naltrexone (350-1300 mg) and tolazoline (400-800 mg) were subsequently administered and moose were monitored until they recovered from the immediate effects of immobilization.
Purohit and coworkers listed traditional methods to treat pulmonary hypertension to include hyperoxemia, as oxygen dilates pulmonary vessels and decreases pulmonary vascular resistance, hyperventilation as a standard, effective therapy for persistent fetal circulation with high pulmonary vascular resistance, and the use of tolazoline (Priscoline, an alpha adrenergic blocker) given IV with fluid and volume expanders.