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coins of regular issue whose face value is greater than their intrinsic value

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As the deal did not mature, the seller after returning the token money to Brar had sold the land to another local Jarnail Singh .
Chairman of the authority, Coun Ray Thomas, said: 'We gave the public pounds 120 of token money to spend on seven policing priorities, which were represented by boxes.
If a token money is destroyed, it has the effect of withdrawing some value from the total value of token money in circulation.
Philip Ison, of Acacia Crescent, Bedworth, collected pounds 35,000 token money printed in his favourite paper by buying dozens of extra copies and getting friends, family, and workmates to collect them as well.
Police arrested the kidnapper identified as Raheem Ullah belonging to Nowshera Attock while recovering token money received by the victim's family.
Appealing for readers to send Grangetown Under 12s their tokens Amanda said they had raised money through the campaign previously adding: "We used the wish token money to pay for the players to go to Cleethorpes football tournament and to give the players spending money.
They inform their victims through forged calls that they have succeeded in winning prize from the certain department by way of draw therefore, they are required to deposit token money equal to such and such amount to collect their prizes.
Puri, former relationship manager with Citibank, has reportedly paid token money to real estate companies to buy property.
Here the focus will be on the free market economy where small change or token money is a medium of exchange that need not be backed by reserves even though it is deficient in its intrinsic value of metal relative to the medium of exchange.
Nearly 900 people were asked how they would divide the police budget if they were in charge and given pounds 120 of token money to split on seven priorities.
It (Wish Sport) would mean that we would be able to buy things for the team that we would struggle to buy without receiving wish token money, and we are very grateful for the Wish token campaign.
He said that the through-forward funds had been increasing day by day due to allocation of token money for ongoing projects in Balochistan and advised to arrange for release of funds lump sum.