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a form of behavior therapy that has been used in some mental institutions

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Crypto grants the user more accessibility and trust when it comes to gaming because of the security of blockchain and the token economy system.
The token economy was embedded only within the probe sheets and not during instruction; a prudent decision would be to embed the token economy during instruction.
Token economy served to help Samuel to derive rules specifying the consequences for not behaving fused with rage after framing it through deictic and hierarchical relations (i.
review how token economy is a treatment intervention based on principles of operant conditioning and social learning and the scientific evidence available for this.
Effects of implementing a token economy on teacher attending behavior.
A token economy can help overcome some of the difficulties associated with assessing classroom participation (Junn, 1994).
Many of us are old enough to remember the old token economy in schizophrenia, where you give direct behavioral incentives for behaviors," Dr.
Students earned as part of a token economy, classroom tickets for their service in lieu of 'tips'.
Token economy applied to a case of sleep pattern disturbance
In addition, the school psychologist encouraged teachers to implement a classroom-wide behavior management system that entailed a token economy using a behavior monitoring chart with written stars as a secondary reinforcer (Cooper, Herron, & Heward, 1987).
Smith's behavioral improvements are particularly noticeable due to the incentive program, or token economy, in operation on his hospital unit.
Mitchell, I instituted a token economy system of rewards for Tommy.