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a doughnut-shaped chamber used in fusion research

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As for the article, Hirsch complains that the tokamak uses technologies that have been known to fail sometimes in other applications, notes that the ITER tokamak presently under construction is more expensive than a conventional light-water nuclear reactor that can be bought today, and concludes with a clarion call for setting a new path in fusion research (without any specifics except that it lead to an economical reactor).
The inside of the tokamak is a vacuum and can reach temperatures of 120 degrees C," said Eric Villedieu, the CEA IRFM Program Manager for the AIA Project, "and the walls can be much hotter.
As the technology used at CCFE over the years has developed, so have the remote handling capabilities, from originally minimal use, due to the limitations associated with remote handling at the time, to currently being used for the majority of work being done inside the Tokamaks.
The contract is for the supply of approximately 2000 M42 stainless steel bolts with high mechanical characteristics (threaded rods of different lengths and associated nuts) and specific washers titanium structures for OIS (Outer Structure Intercoil) Tokamak Jt -60 SA which will be installed in Japan.
Following months of exchanges with the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) and its technical experts at the Institute for Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN), the hold point on the Tokamak Building slab (part of the Tokamak Complex slab) was lifted and pouring operations were allowed to proceed.
Tokamak is short for Toroidal Kamera Magnitnaya, invented in the Soviet Union during the 1950s.
The good news about this stampede to tokamaks was that it led to an explosion of understanding of tokamak plasmas and dramatic increases in their performance.
The experiments, conducted at the Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor, will continue through most of 1994.
Contract notice: Provision of individual elements forming the copper divertor tokamak tore supra under the west (b14-079-co) project
He uses a tokamak application to illustrate his discussion of plasma physics important to the development of fusion power.
April 20 /PRNewswire/ -- There is no evidence whatsoever that any real fusion power was produced in the DOE's test fusion Tokamak reactor TFTR, contrary to the public announcements from Princeton University on Dec.
Meade of the Tokamak fusion Test Reactor (TFTR) at Princeton University and Paul-Henri Rebut, director of the Joint European Torus (JET) in England, say that deuterium-tritium fuel would give back more than half the power consumed in initiating fusion reactions.
Leung's laboratory for high current injection of H+ ions into tokamak reactors for fusion research.