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characterized by effort to the point of exhaustion

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The boats now continued their slow and toilsome course for several days, against the current of the river.
I consider all those who helped (achieve) this result may justly feel very pleased their efforts have been so successful and will take it as reward for the work which has often been toilsome and difficult to keep up," said the secretary.
Though this is arguably the one time of year when home cooks go the extra mile in the kitchen--turning out toilsome turkeys, picture-perfect pies and all variety of side dishes made from scratch--cranberry sauce from the can not only gets a pass, it usually gets a prominent place on the table, where it sways and waggles in all of its can-shaped splendor.
To make matters worse, the daily operations in the firm's first production line in Bangkal, Davao also proved toilsome.
In building out system infrastructure, we take a whole system approach to optimizing process flows that embraces lean engineering techniques in the physical layout of our systems, the intelligence of our software, and the application of advanced technology that maximizes the efficiency of human interaction, while eliminating toilsome labor requirements," says High.
In response to those religious leaders who, after his death, questioned Dickens's religious fervor, the writer notes that "[p]oor Stephen Blackpool and toilsome Rachael, walking hand in hand, remind us that once, at least, did Charles Dickens write with mingled awe and tenderness--not only of GOD but of a 'Savior' and 'Redeemer'" ("Dickens's Christian" 1).
The process of providing care to an AD patient is toilsome in many ways, and it shapes not only the life of the patient but also the lives of their families and caregivers (5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12).
Our Goal is lofty but toilsome and each phase of the struggle takes us nearer to it," he added.
However, the United States of America was the most instrumental midwife during that toilsome delivery.
Abdel RaziqAl-Sanhouri (legal scholar and the author of Egypt's Civil Code) was the great supporter of change and claimed that it would not be a toilsome task to codify it.
However ordinary or toilsome, work is always an expression of human subjectivity and dignity, a way of expressing and cultivating one's God-given talents and abilities.
No man should be required to do any toilsome work or exercise immediately after dinner; if there be anything you know you will have to take hold of immediately, then make the dinner lighter, for it is more hurtful than is supposed, to exert one's physical powers greatly, on a hearty meal.
The period of the toilsome origination of a high-quality German-language version of Helfert's study The Opera on Donjuan in Brno in 1734 ensued.
Then let us not think hard One easy prohibition, who enjoy Free leave so large to all things else, and choice Unlimited of manifold delights; But let us ever praise him, and extol His bounty, following our delightful task, To prune these growing plants, and tend these flowers; Which, were it toilsome, yet with thee sweet.
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