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the act of dressing and preparing yourself


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When he had finished with the walls, and passed his agile fingers over every portion of the yellow paper covering them, he reached to the ceiling, which he was able to touch by mounting on a chair placed on the toilette table, and by moving this ingeniously constructed stage from place to place he examined every foot of it.
There was hardly a bedroom in the house where feminine compliments were not passing and feminine toilettes going forward, in various stages, in space made scanty by extra beds spread upon the floor; and Miss Nancy, as she entered the Blue Room, had to make her little formal curtsy to a group of six.
The very brightness and brilliancy of their toilettes, the rustling of their dresses, the trim elegance and daintiness which he was able to appreciate without being able to understand, only served to deepen his consciousness of the gulf which lay between him and them.
Elles changent de toilettes," said Adele; who, listening attentively, had followed every movement; and she sighed.
Change these back again to what they were, thou powerful enchanter, Time, and they shall be seen to be the carriages of absolute monarchs, the equipages of feudal nobles, the toilettes of flaring Jezebels, the churches that are not my father's house but dens of thieves, the huts of millions of starving peasants
They are a good deal worn now; but, you know, we poor girls can't afford des fraiches toilettes.
As for the Misses Wapshot's toilettes and Lady Fuddleston's famous yellow hat, Miss Sharp tore them to tatters, to the infinite amusement of her audience.
Tarlatan and tulle were cheap at Nice, so she enveloped herself in them on such occasions, and following the sensible English fashion of simple dress for young girls, got up charming little toilettes with fresh flowers, a few trinkets, and all manner of dainty devices, which were both inexpensive and effective.
Coach for Men Eau de Toilette, PS45 for 60ml, John Lewis (available September 12) It's inspired by American rebels but uses ingredients from around the globe, such as Japanese pear, cardamom and Haitian vetiver, to create a fresh and youthful blend.
Toute toilette partagee par plus d'un menage est consideree comme non-amelioree (9).
You are Top the Pops' declares this soapy selection of bathing essentials housed in a retro record player 2 CARVEN L'EAU INTENSE ILLUSTRATED EAU DE TOILETTE, PS50 for 50ml, The Perfume Shop (Theperfumeshop.
Fourniture de gants et de serviettes de toilette usage unique pour la toilette du visage et du corps des enfants de 3 mois 4 ans.
All the boxes are now decorated with pretty countryside illustrations and we are particularly taken with the Honeyed Pear and Amber Eau de Toilette (PS17.
Sweet Honesty Promise Eau de Toilette Spray is a floral green scent.