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Over 80 percent of Britons are clueless about the actual value of their essential toiletry bag, according to a holiday survey.
Greater consumer spending on cosmetic and toiletry products, as well as trends favoring organic and natural formulations, will continue to aid growth in chemical demand.
US COSMETIC & TOILETRY CHEMICAL DEMAND (million dollars) Annual Growth Item 2006 2011 2016 2006- 2011 2011 2016 Cosmetic & Toiletry 5842 7436 9440 4.
These and other trends are presented in Cosmetic and Toiletry Chemicals, a new study from the industrial research firm, The Freedonia Group, Inc.
The rise in male grooming is also thought to have influenced sales, with it becoming universally acceptable for male consumers to take greater care in improving their appearance, which has resulted in a boost in sales of toiletry products targeted solely at men.
The report suggested that around 58 percent of male respondents feel that it is not within their rights to take home hotel toiletry items, even consumables, such as shampoos, soaps etc.
The charity has launched its Christmas appeal to collect small items such as sweets and toiletry gift packs for more than 40 teenagers who stay at its three Coventry shelters.
Most of its value comes from razor sales but shaving and toiletry products account for a substantial proportion.
for cosmetic and toiletry containers is expected to grow 2.
Cosmetic & Toiletry Chemicals (published 02/2004, 341 pages) is available for $3,900 from The Freedonia Group, Inc.
The study entitled, 'Trends in the Canadian Cosmetic and Toiletry Industry' reveals that domestic sales are growing faster than the US market.
Also acceptable are hand wipes, small bottles of hand sanitizer or sunscreen of at least 15 SPF; wrap-around sunglasses; batteries; blank greeting cards; and toiletry items such as nonaerosol shaving creams, razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste and shower soap and gel.
Toiletry products such as deodorants and shower products are mainly purchased in the unisex variant as women are still responsible for household shopping.
This slowdown has been driven by shoppers purchasing healthcare and toiletry products less frequently.
US demand for cosmetic and toiletry containers is projected to expand 2.