toilet tissue

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a soft thin absorbent paper for use in toilets

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Costco, CVS, Target, and BJ's Wholesale Club were Nice-Pak customers that sold the formulation of the company's moist toilet tissue that was the subject of the complaint under their own private labels.
The Toilet Tissue Core is easy and efficient to implement with any tissue roll.
The educational strategy for toilet tissue disposal should include, but not be limited to, a full understanding of accepted home hygiene norms.
SCA in Prudhoe, which manufactures the Velvet brand of toilet tissue, has made a bulk donation of thousands of personal care and tissue products to help The People's Kitchen in Newcastle.
But putting an end to wiping is what's behind a novel online campaign by Georgia-Pacific, the maker of the improved Quilted Northern Ultra Plush, a push highlighted by a YouTube video series ("I am not for wiping"), a customized Facebook video, and an "I Stopped Wiping" pledge that earns consumers coupons for the premium toilet tissue.
But those days are gone and the bottom line is that toilet tissue is an industry that will always be in demand.
In 2011, Scott rolled out three key innovations: Scott Extra Soft toilet tissue, an improved more durable paper towel, and--in what industry observers say may be the biggest innovation to the category since Scott invented rolled toilet tissue 99 years ago--the Scott Naturals brand, billed as the first tube-free toilet tissue on the market.
And their generosity is being matched by the company itself, which is chipping in a four-pack of Triple Velvet toilet tissue per can donated in support of the cause.
In 2008, China and Western Europe saw toilet tissue growth rates of 5 percent, followed by Eastern Europe at 4 percent growth and Japan and Africa at 3 percent.
The 61-year-old from North Yorkshire, who had a history of self harm, was placed in a cell at Middlesbrough Police Station where she choked on toilet tissue.
The Freedom Wand is a sanitary, multi-purpose, multi-length, portable toilet tissue aid consisting of three pieces: the head, the extension, and the handle.
According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), deforestation is the single greatest cause of global warming, and toilet tissue is responsible for 15% of all deforestation.
There are four toilet tissue dispensers including two new twin roll models.
Record-breaking history was made this morning by Andrex(R), the nation's favourite toilet tissue, in the shadow of one of London's most famous landmarks; Wembley Stadium.