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soap used as a toiletry

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The types of bath-soap consist of bath and toilet soap and medicated and disinfectant soap.
I am led to believe that the soldiers cannot have sun protection creams, and that toilet soap is also a luxury.
Warm and not hot water and pure and not highly-scented toilet soap are essentials, with a final bathe in cold water.
Fragrances and shower products are the second and third best-selling men's toiletries respectively, while talcum powder and toilet soap seem to be falling out of favour.
It's very popular and people do like it - and you can use it for almost anything, from a normal toilet soap, to washing clothes or even cleaning paintwork.
John writes that the contents included toilet soap, razor blades and two pairs of thick hand-knitted sea-boot stockings.
The prices of several brands of toilet soap, toothpaste, shampoo and detergent, all of which are in high demand, were lowered between five and 15 cents.
Soap, 2006-2017 - Solid toilet soap, 2006-2007 - Other solid soap, 2006-2017 - Other soap, 2006-2017
Right, Eve Toilet Soap advertisement (advert) FRONT PAGE Evening Chronicle, December 24, 1941.
Toilet soap commonly contains surprising amounts of starches, oils, glycerol and other materials that make it smoother, less aggressive to the skin or cheaper to produce.
2% increase in 2007 to $564 million, however the figures compiled by TNS no longer include baby talcum powder and toilet soap.
Categories that haven't performed well are talcum powder and toilet soap, both of which have dropped in value over the past year, down 16.
2 million for supplying soap, toilet soap and detergents.