toilet seat

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the hinged seat on a toilet

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Not to mention the stall supplies are likely covered in germs from thousands of toilet flushes that spray up to six feet in the air and land on everything, including all over your toilet paper and your toilet seat covers.
Meanwhile, toilet-seat manufacturer Tosca & Willoughby, based in Oxfordshire, have pledged a cash sum towards the preservation of the Vindolanda toilet seat.
We are excited to bring our decade-long European toilet seat success to U.
The High Criminal Court earlier concluded the defendants were not acting in self-defence, although they claimed they took the toilet seat from the victim.
London, Sept 6 ( ANI ): A new study has found that game consoles have five times more germs than toilet seats.
The retired postman made the discovery when he and Christine, 73, heard their toilet seat fall down.
A study has found out that the mobile phones have more bacteria and germs than toilet seats.
The toilet seat lid of the iTouchless Touchless Sensor Toilet Seat, available from SENIOR TOUCH LLC, automatically raises when the user approaches its front sensor, making it ready for seated use.
Dear Annie: I read with interest the letters about putting down the toilet seat.
A gas mask, used toilet seat and a set of false teeth also turned up in collection bags for veterinary charity The People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA).
QARE there any mobility products that can help me stand up from the toilet seat.
CHILDREN across Walsall are being asked by their teachers if they will lick a toilet seat.
Please Put the Toilet Seat Down: and 49 Other Cluetoons to Help Improve Your Relationship" is a series of charming illustrations and simple advice from the author and illustrator team of Darcy Frew and John Blair Moore.
A survey commissioned by Toly and conducted amongst more than 3,800 Dutch citizens - primarily mothers - showed that at least 59% of all parents look for cleaner washrooms if they find a dirty toilet seat.
Q I HAVE been trying to find an avocado toilet seat and cover - I know it is an outdated colour but I can't afford to change my bathroom.