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a roll of toilet paper

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Back then, toilet roll comfort was never a consideration.
One day a car outside the pub was covered in toilet roll.
And if you get a moment, please do me a favour and check my shoes for toilet roll.
During interview, Storey said he believed the HGV only contained toilet rolls and dried food, and that he didn't know the identity of the man who had made his travel arrangements.
He added: "I would have thought toilet roll was a basic thing to expect in this day and age.
Toilet roll fires have blighted Prestatyn High School (top) and Blessed Edward Jones High School
People have the memories and the signed records and pictures and stuff, but no one else can say they have a toilet roll John Lennon rejected," he said when asked what prompted him to by the item.
On the back of the toilet roll holder, you'll find a bracket.
I'm prepared to become official toilet roll keeper, doling out tissues on request.
Andrex also believes it has identified an untapped market for on-the-go toilet roll for the out-of-home market.
A ROBBER'S luck went down the pan when he tried to hold up a Glasgow betting shop with a toilet roll, writes Paul Eacott.
One easy way for parents to gauge whether a toy, or toy part, could get stuck in a child's throat is to check if fits inside the cardboard tube of a toilet roll, Richards said.
Charmin Wipes the Record Books Clean with the World's Largest Toilet Roll
Paper toilet roll, paper toilet roll, paper toilet roll, hygienic paper towel, hygienic paper towel
However, food isn't the only type of donation the charity is calling for, with sanitary items and basic toiletries such as deodorant, shampoo and toilet roll in very short supply.