toilet paper

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a soft thin absorbent paper for use in toilets

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Marcal Paper Products LLC launched their own 100% recycled content Small Steps line in early April, handing out free rolls of toilet paper from an "urban jungle" set up in New York City's Times Square.
I confess, I really had to think long and hard about allowing my children to waste perfectly good rolls of toilet paper on a frivolous game.
It's a big comprehensive school but up until that point toilet paper was banned because the mess that it was making in there, with students messing around with it.
The subject of toilet paper seems to have given rise to an inordinate amount of consideration, experimentation, and cogitation in recent months.
It believes modern toilet papers are partly to blame and commissioned research to find out how long it took different products to disintegrate in water.
But training toilet paper for kids was the worst offender - taking five days to break down in water.
Mesa was until January president of Familia-Sancela, whose paper and sanitary products, including toilet paper, are market leaders in Colombia.
He finds bathroom floors littered with paper towels, missing stall doors and backed-up toilets, not to mention inadequate soap and toilet paper.
Pretty soon toilet paper disappeared completely from public restrooms and was carefully rationed even at the Inter-Con, where it might take a full day or even two to haggle for a new roll when the one in your room ran out.
MRS Merton, aka Caroline Aherne, said in last week's Sunday Times that she was so upset by criticisms I'd made of her in this column that she'd considered using it as toilet paper.
After writing and performing comedy for 14 years, Gareth Hale and Norman Pace thought it would be a dawdle when they were asked to create a 40- second TV commercial for KittenSoft toilet paper.
As the assistant bent down to open her door, a roll of toilet paper spilled out of her handbag and began rolling across the parking lot, unwinding as it rolled.
The only sign you may notice from internal hemorrhoids is bright red blood on the toilet paper or in the toilet bowl.
Toilet paper then represents a new breed of category where new dynamics apply and new strategies are needed to maintain commercial success.
Taiwan's Executive Yuan has gotten to the bottom of last week's hysteria over toilet paper and it believes that "out of control marketing" is to blame for the panic, reported ETtoday.