toilet bowl

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the bowl of a toilet that can be flushed with water

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reported that the victim attacked with the toilet bowl lid and a wooden guitar was left with many bruises on his body.
Of all water-damaged phones, 47 percent admitted to have dropped their phone sets in the toilet bowl.
The Panfan sucks air from inside the toilet bowl before passing it through a charcoal filter to kill bacteria and cut unpleasant smells.
Blood was found on the TV extension lead and in the toilet bowl and DNA examination showed that this belonged to Cockerell, 31, said Stuart Clare, prosecuting.
A toilet bowl seat was placed on top of a trash can with a UCLA cup inside.
It sucks the air from inside the toilet bowl before passing it through a charcoal filter.
Plug sinks/baths and put a sandbag in the toilet bowl to prevent backflow.
People lined up to toss softballs at the target on a tank, soaking the tax man with water from a toilet bowl on top of the tank when they hit.
by pressing the flushing button in the toilet bowl water is supplied under pressure, with the opened flap and feces under the influence of the vacuum in the system created by the vacuum pump are removed from the output conduit to the tank for collecting faeces.
Designed to take the pong away directly from the toilet bowl, it has been proven to clean up bathrooms and remove 99 per cent of airborne bugs.
The Loophonium -made by replacing the horn of a traditional giant brass eurphonium with a toilet bowl -was invented by the late Fritz Spiegl.
NEW YORK -- DIY Network provides the ultimate bathroom break and alternative to Super Sunday with the fourth annual Toilet Bowl Marathon , premiering Sunday, Feb.
Contract awarded for supply and delivery of jetmatic pump and toilet bowl for environmental health and sanitation services of mho calauag, quezon
Data shows that after they have been to the toilet, children's hands contain 80 times more bacteria than the toilet bowl itself.
The company markets three multi-purpose maintenance product brands - WD-40[R], 3-IN-ONE[R] and BLUE WORKS(TM) - and eight homecare and cleaning product brands: X-14[R] hard surface cleaners and automatic toilet bowl cleaners, 2000 Flushes[R] automatic toilet bowl cleaners, Carpet Fresh[R] and No Vac[R] rug and room deodorizers, Spot Shot[R] aerosol and liquid carpet stain removers, 1001[R] carpet, household cleaners and rug and room deodorizers, and Lava[R] and Solvol[R] heavy-duty hand cleaners.