toilet bowl

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the bowl of a toilet that can be flushed with water

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birth, then placed the baby in the toilet bowl and pressed the flush.
When his fish died, the boy kissed the fish, put it toilet bowl and siphoned off after being prompted by his mother.
The No-Slip No-Tip Toilet Bowl Grip helps prevent potentially serious injuries stemming from toilet seats becoming loose.
According to the BBC, Paulo Ricardo Gomes da Silva was killed and another three people were reportedly hurt after being struck by toilet bowls, which were ripped out of stadium facilities and hurled at rival fans below, as clashes took place near one of the entrances to Arruda stadium.
He said fans ripped three toilet bowls out of stadium lavatories and threw them from the stands.
Peter, who plays the erratic gangster, said yesterday: "My teeth were smashed against the toilet bowl, but there were no camera tricks needed.
In fact, you don't even have to read the book to know this; the picture of the toilet bowl on the front cover says enough.
A seven foot python was removed the other day after it was found peeking out of a toilet bowl in Howard Springs, Australia.
To deodorise a toilet bowl, sprinkle a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda around the bowl then leave overnight.
Do not throw foreign objects into the toilet bowl," the poster pleads.
But he then became abusive to staff and smashed a hole in the toilet bowl before running off.
There's also a trip to Texas, where a sleep-deprivation contest has ended in tragedy (which, I'm guessing, involves a bit more than some sleepy bones aiming for the toilet bowl but getting the bathroom rug instead).
The woman had just withdrawn 1,000 euros in 100 euro bills to spend on her holiday when nine notes slipped out of her back pocket and into the toilet bowl.
1 Screening Toilet Bowl and Drainline test standard.
Users are required to assemble a cardboard toilet bowl and to fit a water-absorbent sheet inside.