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a waterproof bag for holding bathrooms items (soap and toothpaste etc

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He must think the only thing that goes in the back of the net is your toilet bag and a Lucozade bottle.
We're happy to walk about with a swagger with the toilet bag under the arm and look the part but not be the part by doing the ugly and nasty parts.
e toilet bag at set "Unfortunately it turned out to be true.
Altay stole a ring, a toilet bag, and badges from Styford Hall as well as a collection of coins from a cupboard in the study.
The previous year, she had been horrified to find all her belongings unpacked, including the contents of her toilet bag.
I did the basics - laptop out; see-through toilet bag containing no liquids more than 100ml out; coat off, belt off, scarf off.
Then when I finally got through and was having a coffee, I reopened my toilet bag to replace some deodorant and gel that I had bought in the airport departure shop.
Cheques and bank drafts totaling pounds 69m were found in his toilet bag.
The gun was found in the suspect's toilet bag and Ryanair flight FR685 was delayed for several hours.
Pervert boys' football coach Scott Ferrie, 29, was jailed for 18 months in 2012 after trying to film a boy of 13 in the shower at an Edinburgh leisure centre using a camera hidden in a toilet bag.
Contract notice: Bmlvs gz e90037 / 2 / 00-00-ka / 2015; bags and accessories (bag, toilet bag, cleaning kit, sewing kit and basin) (frame delivery contract).
Mind you we are off to Greece soon and The Grump's toilet bag could fill a case up - a selection of after shaves, shaving foam and razors, hair products, deodorants and mouthwashes as opposed to my little pouch containing mini-size shower gel and shampoo, a toothbrush, suntan lotion, one lipstick and a blusher.
She said she was too embarrassed to take her "contraceptive equipment" because the previous year all her belongings, including her toilet bag, had been unpacked.