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a hinged switch that can assume either of two positions

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To turn it off, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and tap the toggle switch off.
This means a toggle switch on the handlebar will let you choose between three power modes.
The three wires for the toggle switch shown in the figure in Para 4-25 on Page 4-43 of TM 9-2330-386-14&P don't all line up to the right connection.
The control box features three improvements over Auton's previous control box: the remote control is equipped with two preset buttons that can be used to program the television's position into memory, an RS232 option enables users to control their PCs through the flat panel television screen, and the remote control now has four distinct directional control buttons, replacing a toggle switch in the older version.
One toggle switch controls power, flow and temperature.
and is operated by either a standard hard-wired toggle switch or wireless remote control.
He reached out to secure the lights, but was unable to reach the appropriate toggle switch because he had positioned his seat fully down and aft.
It offers the options of alternating pressure or lateral rotation via a builtin toggle switch.
Each unit comes stock with a remote pushbutton that is to be mounted on a fishing pole or anywhere on a wheelchair or the optional extended toggle switch.
The Janus-1613 allows you to choose between glass and ceramic firing with a toggle switch.
A toggle switch on each model allows selection of fewer bulbs to conserve battery life.
A Spanish-English toggle switch enables users to use both languages at any point in the program--a way to increase bilingual vocabulary and comprehension.
Standard control features include auto tare, gross/net, units, two position toggle switch for scrolling tare.
There is a password-protected toggle switch for parents to turn the Bar on and off.
Limited Tenders are invited for TOGGLE SWITCH HEAVY DUTY, 15 Amp, 110 Volt, SINGLE POLE, DOUBLE THROW MU SWITCH , RGK TYPE: TS-1512 or similar.