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a fastener consisting of a threaded bolt and a hinged spring-loaded toggle

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A: No, toggle bolts are designed for hanging things from a ceiling, where weight is distributed across the toggle.
If you are mounting a fixture on the wall, it must be installed on the bolt and held in place while the toggle bolt is tightened.
So when you need to reattach a loose towel bar, do what I do--use toggle bolts for real holding power.
We already drilled holes in the ceiling for the toggle bolts, but they don't show in the photo.
If there aren't any joists, you'll have to use toggle bolts or butterfly screws instead.
Even heavier-duty anchors, called toggle bolts, use metal wings that fold out on the back side of the drywall or plaster and are great for really heavy items, including shelves and plant hooks.
This can be avoided by making sure the base plates on the table leg lie level with the floor utilizing a shimless installation system, Using concrete bolts for a concrete floor and wood toggle bolts for a wood floor also can prevent the legs from working loose.
Another alternative is to use special screws, such as toggle bolts or butterfly fixings, which open tight to the back of the plasterboard.
While we were jockeying it on its side off the bed, part of the mattress on my father's end slipped and flopped over and down onto a pair of steel reading lamps, adjustable cubes of brushed steel attached by toggle bolts to the white wall over the head of the bed.
If you've used standard toggle bolts, you know they hold well.
However, they can also be attached with toggle bolts or similar fasteners, approximately 16" apart.
A That's not a good idea; toggle bolts are just not up to the task.
Toggle bolts and screw anchors are used where the back of the wall is inaccessible, such as drywall and hollow concrete block.
Old-fashioned "butterfly"-type toggle bolts are a pain to install.
But with 1/8-in, toggle bolts, you can mount most light-duty hardware (like the adjustable shower head bar shown here).