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in conjunction with

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The truth is, Alisande, these archaics are a little TOO simple; the vocabulary is too limited, and so, by consequence, descriptions suffer in the matter of variety; they run too much to level Saharas of fact, and not enough to picturesque detail; this throws about them a certain air of the monotonous; in fact the fights are all alike: a couple of people come together with great random -- random is a good word, and so is exegesis, for that matter, and so is holocaust, and de- falcation, and usufruct and a hundred others, but land
And when Sir Gawaine saw that, he dressed his shield, and they aventred their spears, and they came together with all the might of their horses, that either knight smote other so hard in the midst of their shields, but Sir Gawaine's spear brake --"
and lightly Sir Gawaine rose upon his feet and pulled out his sword, and dressed him toward Sir Mar- haus on foot, and therewith either came unto other eagerly, and smote together with their swords, that their shields flew in cantels, and they bruised their helms and their hauberks, and wounded either other.
I may mention, as a proof how cheap everything is in this country, that I paid only two dollars a day, or eight shillings, for two men, together with a troop of about a dozen riding-horses.
In every house I was asked to show the compass, and by its aid, together with a map, to point out the direction of various places.
2-8 (even numbers) Gladstone Road, Liverpool, L7 1QG, together with the half width of the adjoining passageway, together also with the half width of the adjoining highway, Gladstone Road and the half width of the adjoining passageway, together also with the half width of the adjoining highways, Gladstone Road and Martensen Street.
Ackroyd & Abbott together with its subsidiary Ackroyd & Abbott Construction
When I first heard about dads' night out, I asked myself what was the point of getting together with other dads?
By working together with the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, we tackled gang problems in the largest housing project in the country--Nickerson Gardens.
forces in Afghanistan can best work together with Afghan national army forces.
The Rebuilding Together Organization, together with Bonim--Builders for Bergen, are the latest recipients to benefit from the volunteer efforts of Milestones Engineering, EC.
Already, in America, if you want to get together with someone, and depending on where you live or work, you can have cohabitation, employer domestic-partner benefits, public domestic partner benefits, marriage, or even covenant marriage (a version of marriage which is harder to net into and out of).
You could get together with some friends and teach them to make angels, and talk about the ideas of peace and understanding.
The spiders first fold one leaf over and tie its ends together with silk.