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a one-piece cloak worn by men in ancient Rome

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Called TOGA, for transoral gastroplasty, the procedure involved manipulating a patient's stomach from the inside.
A police boat patrols Portsmouth harbour on the lookout for baby Toga Picture: TIM OCKENDEN
SECURITY: Facility rental payments made by the lessee, TOGA, secure the Series 2005 special facility revenue bonds.
Anyhow, at the PGE Arena the cameras panned in on Greek supporters wearing traditional garb and Chiles, one of the great thinkers of our time, added: "You can bet your togas that this lot are in need of some cheering.
Three-month-old Toga was never found despite a pounds 25,000 reward being put up.
The theft attracted worldwide media coverage, but despite several sightings and a pounds 25,000 reward, Toga has never been found.
It was the father-and-son team's mission Friday to spread the news about today's third annual "Animal House Celebration" and toga party in Cottage Grove.
Rome and its citizens are sleekly garbed by Kristina Lenss in a fusion of toga and contemporary clothes.
Those who think Greek campus life revolves around beer-drenched toga parties or pearls-and-lace high teas never joined the Bitch Clique or doffed their shirts in a Dyke March.
The TOGA System was the only therapeutic medical device named to the list among a field of innovative drugs, diagnostics, vaccines and monitoring equipment.
Dreketi Youth coordinator Sakaraia Toga said, We are really glad the minister visited us today and checked on our progress.
US Bemis (NYSE:BMS), making flexible packaging and pressure sensitive materials, announced on Friday plans to submit a tender offer for the remaining shares of its Brazilian unit Dixie Toga (SAO:DXTG4), for between USD50m (EUR40.
COTTAGE GROVE - It's official - Cottage Grove established a Guinness World Record in 2003 for throwing the world's largest toga party.
Kennedy Airport's (JFK) Terminal One, the proven demand and continued strength of the New York City market for international travel, the stable partnership and organizational structure of TOGA with its four signatory carriers, and the sound financial profile supported by operations from both signatory and contract carriers supplemented by a successful concessions program.
Realization of benefits laundering textiles residents Toga site on behalf of the hospital in Bastia.