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caramelized sugar cooled in thin sheets

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However, when she auditioned for Harry Potter director Mike Newell, he clocked her soft southern accent and wondered out loud whether she could talk like a toffy royal.
The Mini 50 Mayfair features exteriors in Hot Chocolate metallic with Toffy metallic stripes, lined with white pinstripes and matched with a white roof.
First round: M Nicholson v J Marshall, M Beaumont v J Cockroft, H Dyson v J Roper, B Lunn v Y Sykes, A Buckley v S Dillingham, L Bond v D Ogden, L Drury v H Rangeley, A Lunn v S Toffy.
KOFTA 1/3 pound tofu 3 Tablespoons chickpea (gram) flour 1/2 teaspoon garam masala (mixed spices) powder Chopped green chilies to taste Salt to taste 1/3 cup sesame, sunflower, or vegetable oil toffy Pat the tofu dry with a paper towel and crumble.
Comedian Guy Toffy, who appears on sister station KMJM (104.
Third, there is no retractor spring on the M1's firing pin and it tends toffy forward as the bolt closes.
You might think I'm bad but if you open the newspapers all you get is Miss Toffy Nose or Mr Disgraced Politician babbling on about nothing.
Jason pulls off the role of a bumbling toffy student with great comedy and Tracy's portrayal of a dizzy teenage model is hilarious.
Jonny's love interest, Toffy, is played by Mary McLoughlin, an Antelope Valley College student most recently seen in ``Pirates of Penzance.
the well-known toffy manufacturers, of Leeds, found it necessary to point out that their "liqueur beans" contain but I per cent of alcohol, whereas some of a foreign make which had been attacked were said to contain as much as 7 per cent.