toffee apple

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an apple that is covered with a candy-like substance (usually caramelized sugar)

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Pack some toffee apples too and your picnic is sure to go off with a bang.
Simply Ice Cream Toffee Apple flavour is made with real apple pieces, toffee sauce and crunchy honeycomb pieces, which are combined with autumnal spices in the Simply Ice Cream kitchens.
It was down to basic good manners and respect, and the karma brought on by once being a human toffee apple.
30am to a toffee apple factory in Walsall End Lane in Hampton-in-Arden.
To reader: This voucher entitles the holder to redeem one of the following McVitie's items for free: Lyle's Golden Syrup Bonfire Toffee sticky cake (210g pack), Jaffa Freaky cake bars (5 pack), or Hobnobs Toffee Apple flapjacks (5 pack).
Toffee apple, banana and lightly smoked bacon flavour in the taste, very moreish.
As you knock on doors while crunching your toffee apple, or sucking on a sugar dummy Please make sure at the bottom of the path awaits your own dear mummy.
50 Bonfire Toffee Apple Parkin (393g) Marks & |Spencer, PS2.
Toffee apple is not the only banger with a big difference on sale at the farm shop.
I had a toffee apple flavour one that was very drinkable.
Try a chocolatey twist on the traditional toffee apple
BONFIRE Night just would not be right without a toffee apple in hand.
Lemon & Mixed Pear was Mailed at Glastonbury in 2007 and follows last year's Toffee Apple Cider launch.
All of them enjoyed like a sweet tasting toffee apple - with a sickly and unsavoury centre