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Synonyms for toffee

caramelized sugar cooled in thin sheets

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Best-selling Energy Bar Also Tweaks Two Classic Flavors - Apricot and Peanut Toffee Buzz
At the time of the accident, Toffee was staying with his owner Katie Murphy's aunt and uncle.
Though born in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, Toffee and his brother Sam had learned the toffee trade at Cleaves' sweet factory in County Limerick.
The Toffee Factory in Ouseburn, now a creative hub for businesses, is offering the community the chance to pick up weekly baskets of quality but affordable local goodies and it launched its initiative yesterday.
The Toffee Fac-|tory in Ouseburn is to host regular sales of food and drink
A TOFFEE apple factory was reduced to a charred wreck after a huge blaze.
com)-- TasteTV and the International Chocolate Salon are pleased to announce that Toffee Talk has won a Gold medal in the 2013 Artisan Chocolate Awards for Top Toffee.
We've teamed up with Mullerlight and The Co–operative Food stores to give every reader a free Mullerlight Toffee yogurt so you can be ready whenever that sweet craving strikes.
5 ( ANI ): In an unconventional but touching move, a UK bride chose a thoroughbred mare, called Toffee, as one of her bridesmaids after receiving permission to get married from her.
I decided also to make up a batch of cinder toffee, enrobed in thick chocolate, not unlike the famous sweet bars you can find everywhere, but with the more intense flavour only a home-made version can provide.
Banoffee Mess Ingredients 100ml whipping cream 1 banana (sliced) 5 chocolate digestives Knob of butter 2 dsp toffee sauce.
We advise you not to answer until you have tasted toffee crusted chicken breast with a toffee pumpkin roll smothered in caramel sauce, and, for dessert, the multiple offerings of toffee fudge brownies, toffee oatmeal cherry cookies, cheesecake with toffee filling, and toffee pecan pumpkin pie--all made with Lone Cone Toffee, Charlotte, N.
Thorntons' award-winning chocolatier Keith Hurdman oversaw the development of all the lines, which contain Thorntons chocolate and toffee.
The Smarries[R] Doughnut is one of a range of Nestle branded ring doughnuts available from CSM United Kingdom that includes two more family favourites, Rolo[R] and Toffee Crisp[R].