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Synonyms for toffee

caramelized sugar cooled in thin sheets

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The thought of putting another toffee in my mouth makes me sick.
Meanwhile, Artisan Baking Community and Mike Bell of Newcastle Brewing Ltd have teamed up to create a bread and beer basket which they will be selling between 3pm and 5pm every Friday, starting on November 6 under the Toffee Factory arch.
30am to a toffee apple factory in Walsall End Lane in Hampton-in-Arden.
That has been my goal along with producing a line of Gourmet English toffee products".
You will need to find a tray that is as close as possible in size to your completed toffee.
And now, for the past two days he is roaming with a toffee.
Red Panda has made some toffee apples to sell and is doing a roaring trade, even though he finds it quite hard to part with the toffee apples.
So, whenever Dot became a little too talkative she was offered a toffee.
Now our expertise has expanded into fresh creme truffles, toffee, and other chocolate confections.
Jill said: "It was very tricky to get the toffee hard enough but not run off the edges.
This crumbly, crackly, chewy caramel toffee goes by many names; cinder toffee, sponge toffee, bonfire toffee, honeycomb, but perhaps my favourite is hokey-pokey, which I believe originates in Cornwall, although ask any New Zealander what it is and they'll tell you - hokey-pokey is their name for this delicious, crunchy treat.
Tasty toffee apples Ingredients For the coating 225g demerara sugar 0.
Freya's dream was sparked two years ago after discovering her late grandmother Ella Riley's handwritten toffee recipe.
Toffee Dodgers, available now, comes in the biscuit's traditional heart-shaped cut-out format, but features a sticky toffee filling instead of jam (rsp: [pounds sterling]1.
WE have teamed up with Thorntons to offer all our readers a delicious box of Original Special Toffee from the nation's favourite British chocolate company.