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informal term for an upper-class or wealthy person

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Toff admitted she always held back from being honest about her skin problems to her social media followers.
Toff won the hearts of the voting public with her fearless approach to the jungle's Bushtucker Trials, her endless enthusiasm and eagerness to stand up for herself and what she believes in.
But Toff insisted: "My greatest achievement was doing nine minutes with those enormous pythons on me.
Toff stated, I'm a millennial-and I believe that young people are vital to the community because, like us, they're energetic, passionate and full of ideas!
Toff is returning to Google to work on virtual reality having left the company in 2014 for Twitter.
De Venecia said she bids politics farewell with great confidence in her son Toff to continue serving her constituents.
As part of its Australian showcase, TOFF 2014 featured a special screening of Cath South and Stewart Carter's 1993 documentary On the Road with Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs.
All Unite is trying to ensure, from what I can see is, that someone from the common people is elected to the toff organised, toff run Parliament old boys club
During the same week, Oxbridge toffs have been vandalising arable farms by creating crop circles.
CHARMING: Henry is caught in taxi GRIM: Geri on Thursday, and Mel C arrives HERE TOADY: Henry plays along SPAWN AGAIN: Toff on his best behaviour
Toff of the University of Leicester in England and his colleagues simulated the atmospheric conditions of a daytime, long-haul flight.
asks Nancy Toff, vice president and editorial director of school and young adult publishing for Oxford University Press.