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Synonyms for toenail

the nail at the end of a toe

drive obliquely


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The main causes of ingrown include wearing shoes that crowd your toenails, cutting toenails too short or not straight across, injury of the toenail or having unusually curved toenails," Jarges explained.
3% of patients with no other toenails affected at baseline had a complete cure with efinaconazole, compared with 23.
Labelled as a toenail clipper for cool dudes, well groomed men and stylish ladies, the new clippers are said to cut nails cleanly and precisely so that the user does not end up with cracked, split or torn nails.
The doctor briefly examined the toenail and advised me it was not ingrown.
Although many people do not want to admit they have it, toenail fungus is a very common problem.
The Countdown cutie - who was the fifth celebrity to be voted off the gruelling show with partner Pasha Kovalev - said: "I have nine toenails at the moment.
Obvious pains like Socha's, or merely visible imperfections like black toenails or calluses, often indicate imbalances that can lead to injury.
The toenail pliers, which measure L10cms, feature a straight cutting edge to prevent in-growing nails, and a powerful spring action to aid leverage and control.
This study used toenail samples to give an indication of the effects of long term Se consumption.
One can only assume it was her middle toenail that was ingrown.
RESULTS: An interquartile range increase in toenail arsenic was associated with higher systolic BP [0.
A An in-growing toenail is where the edges of the nail grow down into the fleshy part of the toe.
The ingrown toenail is a common problem which occurs mostly in the first toe and causes a high amount of morbidity in affected patients.
Q My teenage son has developed a painful ingrown toenail that's actually now preventing him playing football as it's so sore.
A nail fungal infection may begin as a white or yellow spot under the tip of your fingernail or toenail.