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Antonyms for toeless

lacking a toe or toes


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Another method, Dave tells me, is to place a toeless sock over their heads.
The sculpture's "body" isn't right, it's super- and/or antinatural: Too long, thin legs willow up from strange toeless feet, which are joined to a base made of the same nacreous fiberglass as the figure itself; elegant arms end in witchy digits of all one length; shallow chest, dainty nipples, inny belly button, uncircumcised cock, spume of pubic hair, strangely small buttocks combine into something not simply human.
Other offerings include toeless products that can be worn with open-toed shoes.
was unable to find a suitable polish to color her toenails to match her toeless shoes, so she combined white nail polish with a blue dye to get the baby blue shade she wanted.
These companies make everything from polishes, nippers, and acrylic nail-sculpting compounds to manicure tables, polish racks, and toeless pedicure socks.
While other kids frolicked in toeless scandals or flipflops, Ansel had to weir those hot splints and high top sneakers.
topper by her sleek unbending legs, her toeless feet.