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a relatively insignificant position from which future progress might be made

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a small foothold used in climbing

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a wrestling hold in which the toe is held and the leg is twisted against the joints

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The field has now branched out to other areas of physics and science, and those seeking a toehold have a harder time.
Centrica will buy the Trinidadian gas properties of Suncor Energy Inc for $380 million, giving the owner of British Gas its first toehold in a liquefied natural gas project, the company said, reports Reuters (Feb.
Sunderland were the other team to gain a toehold in the title race when they put six unanswered goals past rivals Middlesbrough.
In this publication of the American Management Association, a former executive with two of the major chocolate companies working to secure a toehold in this huge potential market provides an insider look at the marketing challenges and strategies to entice China's new consumer class.
The company already has a toehold in Europe, through small volume distribution in England and Sweden, but "due to growing success and international demand," the company said it is officially considering opening a brewery on the Continent.
It will give Purity, which has seen its profile grow hugely this year, get a toehold in a huge market, taking it beyond its regional roots.
58bn), boosting the oil major's operations in the Republic of Congo and giving it a toehold in Turkmenistan.
Companies have complained for decades that they simply cannot get a toehold on the pounds 125 billion Government supply chain, even though in many instances local firms could provide better value for money and a more environmentally sustainable service.
I suppose it's nice of Leslie Bennetts ("Don't Give Up Your Day Job," May/ June 2007) to try to save young women from the perils of losing one's toehold in the workforce, but I wonder if she's going to have much luck.
Despite the buzz, consumer-directed health plans have barely gained a toehold among Americans with employer-sponsored insurance," Jon Gabel, vice president of the Center for Studying Health System Change, said in a statement.
Valley police resources, from motor to vice cops, have been refocused on the violence and extra squads from south of Mulholland -- where gangs got their first toehold -- are being deployed in Valley hot spots.
Conservative success in London and the shires was not repeated in the cities of the north, with Mr Cameron failing to establish a toehold in Manchester and Newcastle, and coming fourth to the Greens in Liverpool.
Dichotomy CMVII": Mask'd shadow, monster at the shoulder hoverd/Urging ending; horror opend ravening/Mouth to gorge on all days; this was shadowd/Valley, land of desert blotting greengrowth,/Time that damps eternity with pain;/Onrush of cold with winter's barren threats,/Reluctant emrald losing toehold, plunging:/This then life's tale; he who made you asks/Not contemplation, pressing precipice,/But toil in yoke maturity accepts;/And future holding toil imprisoned; one/Must cope by building new work, fanciful.
78 million square foot tower, giving the company a toehold in this attractive market.
States should ensure that school board elections are held with other elections so that narrow interest groups don't gain such a toehold.