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a relatively insignificant position from which future progress might be made

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a small foothold used in climbing

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a wrestling hold in which the toe is held and the leg is twisted against the joints

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But a toehold switch is of no use without knowledge of the sequence of trigger RNA to detect.
Cirencester attacked with fluidity and were soon 3-0 up thanks to the combination of good buildup play and poor Penarth marking, but the visitors gradually got a toehold, and eventually hit back through a Chris Baker brace to make the score 3-2 at halftime.
Betfred's withdrawal is further evidence of the difficulty in getting a toehold in the Australian market.
stocks rose Tuesday, with the Standard & Poor's 500 Index closing two points from a record, as data showed inflation has failed to gain a toehold and earnings from Comcast Corp.
Srinivasan may be able to manipulate a few of the working processes in his favour to retain a toehold in the administrative mechanism of the Indian cricket board but, for all practical purposes, his pride and influence could be dented.
Black metal doesn't have much of a toehold in Texas, and both a homegrown black metal band and the prospect of visiting musicians aligned with that genrea furious, intensive, and extreme form of metal that arose in Europe in the 1980s and '90sfelt welcome.
But, absurd though they inevitably were, at least the Street's latest nuptials had a toehold in reality.
This gives Growing Resistance an analytical toehold which broader and more conventional accounts of GMO politics lack: the space to identify, in this case, a Canadian state wearing two hats--as regulator and promoter both--and too often (in critics' eyes) bowing to tip the wrong one.
Central and Eastern Europe has become attractive for non European airlines looking for regional hubs as a way of gaining a toehold in the European market.
Healthy fungal carpets probably prevent dangerous fungi from gaining a toehold on feet.
The stake purchase in San Miguel's unlisted bank, Bank of Commerce, will allow the Malaysian lender a toehold into the Philippines' market and promote its Southeast expansion plan.
Neither has a toehold in Scotland, but this was a UK show.
A small Australian energy company, whose largest shareholder is Chinese oil giant China National Petroleum, is joining a raft of firms scrambling to gain a toehold in the potentially lucrative US gas export market.
The Powder River Basin (PRB) has been the venue for green activists who have repeatedly sought a legal toehold to tie up the federal coal leasing program by alleging environmental harm when the coal is mined and its contributions to global warming when coal is used to generate electricity.
The British-based observatory, which has a network of activists across Syria, said security forces and armoured vehicles stormed the neighbourhood of Barzeh, an opposition toehold inside Damascus, and there were sounds of heavy gunfire.