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100 toea equal 1 kina in Papua New Guinea

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toea (M) coin of Papua New Guinea, 1/100th of a kina
The implications of the new pricing template for the downstream sector have been the capping of available refined product margins for the upcoming year starting September 8, 2004, to 24 toea (US$0.
An individual can transport a load of 60-80 small bundles, each of which will be sold for 10 toea (US$0.
It is regulated under a mechanism which triggers a stabilization levy deduction at a rate of 50 toea in every Kina above a predetermined threshold price.
It is also called the 'Fifty Toea Movement', referring to the monetary contributions required of its members.
Those who have better times than Hala are the Papua New Guinea runner Toea Wisil (11.
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